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2 - D A Y  W O R K S H O P
8 Steps to Predictable Innovation —
Using Outcome-Driven Thinking to Create Breakthrough Products & Services

 Dates & Location:
 November 5-6, 2007 / Chicago

10 Key Benefits

By attending this seminar, you will learn how to:

  1. Think about innovation from a new perspective – one that will help you drive growth within your company

  2. Leverage the 4 paths to growth and innovation; i.e., core markets, adjacent markets, new market creation and disruption

  3. Uncover latent, uncontested market space – ripe for the creation of new products and new markets

  4. Obtain unique customer inputs that make predictable innovation possible

  5. Recognize hidden opportunities for disruption, new market creation, and core market growth--well before competitors do

  6. Segment markets for the purpose of innovation

  7. Identify which ideas, technologies, and acquisitions have the greatest potential for creating customer value

  8. How to use the Customer Scorecard to get concept testing right

  9. Use outcome-driven data to sell more products

  10. Systematically devise breakthrough product and service concepts


  • An 8 step approach for making innovation more predictable and a better understanding of the many benefits of outcome-driven thinking

  • A complimentary copy of What Customers Want by Anthony W. Ulwick

  • New, proven methods for ideation and concept testing

  • Full set of reference materials which you may share with others in your firm

  • An implementation action plan

  • New network of peers and colleagues to exchange ideas in the future

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Registration Fee:
Includes program materials, luncheons, continental breakfasts, networking reception, and refreshment breaks...more info

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