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2 - D A Y  W O R K S H O P
8 Steps to Predictable Innovation —
Using Outcome-Driven Thinking to Create Breakthrough Products & Services

 Dates & Location:
 November 5-6, 2007 / Chicago

Why this seminar is important to you

For years, companies have accepted the underlying principles that define the customer-driven paradigm — that is, using customer "requirements" to guide growth and innovation. But twenty years into this movement, breakthrough innovations are still rare, and most companies find that 50 to 90 percent of their innovation initiatives fail. Companies have come to the realization that being customer driven is just not good enough.

In a seminar that challenges everything you have learned about being customer-driven, internationally acclaimed innovation leader Anthony Ulwick reveals the secret weapon behind some of the most successful companies of recent years. Known as "outcome-driven" innovation, this revolutionary approach to new product and service creation transforms innovation from a nebulous art into a rigorous science from which randomness and uncertainty are eliminated.

Based on more than 400 studies spanning more than seventy companies and twenty-five industries, Ulwick contends that, when it comes to innovation, the traditional methods companies use to communicate with customers are the root cause of chronic waste and missed opportunity. In this seminar Ulwick demonstrates that all popular qualitative research methods yield well-intentioned but unfitting and dreadfully misleading information that serves to derail the innovation process. This paradigm changing seminar details an eight-step approach that uses outcome-driven thinking to dramatically improve every aspect of the innovation process
— from segmenting markets and identifying opportunities to creating, evaluating, and positioning breakthrough concepts.

Innovation is fundamental to success and business growth. Offering a proven alternative to failed customer-driven thinking and its laborious tools, this landmark seminar arms you with the new tools to unleash innovation, lower costs, and reduce failure rates — and create the products and services customers really want.

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"We’ve seen the powerful results outcome-driven innovation had in our product, development, marketing and sales groups.”
Jeff Baker
Microsoft Corporation

"This approach enabled us to devise breakthrough web-based service solutions and make valued operational process changes.”
Paul Zarookian
A.I. Imperial (AIG)