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2 - D A Y  W O R K S H O P
Building Profitable
R&D Alliances

Tools and Management Techniques

June 6-7, 2005 / Cambridge, MA

How to plan, negotiate and successfully implement collaborative product development and research alliances

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Join two of the nation’s foremost alliance experts, Drs. Gene Slowinski and Matthew Sagal, co-authors of The Strongest Link, the #1 best-selling book on strategic alliances.

Gene Slowinski Dr. Gene Slowinski
Director, Technical Assistance Program
Rutgers University
Matt Sagal Dr. Matthew W. Sagal
Senior Partner
Alliance Management Group

Learn to effectively:

  • Plan – Determine when, how, and which alliances will yield the most strategic gain; use competitive positioning to identify a short list of high quality partners; learn how leading firms are changing the nature of competition in their respective industries!
  • NegotiatePut together deals quickly (8 weeks or less to decide if a deal is a "go" or not); spot and address red flags and deal-killers; protect intellectual assets; ensure stakeholder buy-in.
  • ImplementCoordinate resources across organizations; link decision-making structures; resolve conflicts; overcome cultural disconnects (both international and organizational); manage power dynamics between large/small companies; turn around troubled alliances
PLUS! Apply your learnings in the Alliance SimulatorTM, a rigorous, reality-based alliance experience. Receive expert guidance regarding your specific alliance challenges. Plan and problem-solve jointly with your team and external partners.

About the Instructors

Gene Slowinski is a well-respected expert on alliance management. He is Director of the Rutgers University Technical Assistance Program at the Graduate School of Management, Rutgers University. He has held management positions at AT&T Bell Laboratories, Bellcore, and Novartis Corporation. [Full Bio]

Matthew W. Sagal is a Senior Partner of the Alliance Management Group. He has been a scientist and an R&D executive at Bell Laboratories, as well as a product management and manufacturing executive, and Vice President of Business Development for Lucent Microelectronics (now Agere Systems). [Full Bio]


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