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2 - D A Y  W O R K S H O P
Building Profitable
R&D Alliances

Tools and Management Techniques

June 6-7, 2005 / Cambridge, MA

How to plan, negotiate and successfully implement collaborative product development and research alliances

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Key Benefits:

By participating, you will learn to:

  • Leverage R&D and product development alliances as part of your firm’s corporate strategy
  • Choose the right partners and structure the right deals (which vary with the partner)
  • Ensure that the alliance is as important to your partner’s strategic intent as it is to your own
  • Agree on valuation models, include IP rules that protect both sides, craft termination provisions that anticipate marketplace dynamics
  • Allocate patent rights and protect intellectual property
  • Establish key metrics that ensure the joint efforts will be profitable to both parties
  • Identify critical issues and conflicts early - and deal with them swiftly
  • Identify the real stakeholders in the partner firm and ensure their buy-in
  • Use the most efficient tools to coordinate skills and resources across organizations
  • Leverage resources, leapfrog competitors, and grow the business through well-designed and executed alliances.

Take-aways and Deliverables:

  • Examples of what works (and what doesn’t) in all phases of planning, creating and managing an alliance
  • Hands-on experience in applying rigorous tools such as the Alliance Framework and the Alliance Implementation Program
  • Metrics for evaluating the potential of a proposed alliance and measuring key implementation factors such as trust
  • Guidance from the instructors and other attendees regarding your specific alliance challenges
  • Opportunity to problem-solve and plan jointly with other members of your co-development team
  • Comprehensive workbook with templates, tools and techniques to help you make decisions, align goals, identify stakeholders, map expectations, build trust, and more, which you can use immediately upon return to your office
  • Autographed copy of The Strongest Link, the #1 best-selling book on strategic alliances
  • Networking and social time with the instructors and other participants

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This course is also available as an onsite workshop
To request a proposal for an in-house workshop, please contact Jackie Cooper via email at or by phone at 781-891-8080 ext. 211