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2 - D A Y  W O R K S H O P
Building Profitable
R&D Alliances

Tools and Management Techniques

June 6-7, 2005 / Cambridge, MA

How to plan, negotiate and successfully implement collaborative product development and research alliances

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The purpose of this interactive workshop is to help you create and manage productive, profitable and mutually beneficial strategic alliances. You will experience the tools, metrics and techniques that leading alliance companies use to create their relationships, remove barriers, measure performance, and achieve greater results.

Drs. Gene Slowinski and Matt Sagal will provide you with the best practices of planning, negotiating, and implementing product development alliances. These practices are applied in the Alliance SimulatorTM - a rigorous, experiential exercise that takes you through a complex international collaborative R&D alliance. All the detonators in alliance creation are found in the simulator.

It’s essential that NPD managers master alliance management techniques

While 70% of alliances fail when firms are unskilled in alliance creation or management, 70% succeed when both firms understand the "best practices" of establishing these relationships.

As R&D and product development efforts increasingly rely on external partners, your ability to choose and manage partnerships is just as critical as your ability to choose and manage internal projects.

When alliances are poorly crafted, team members cannot work toward the firms’ joint objectives, share and protect proprietary information, or integrate their efforts into an effective project. Even if the alliance is well-designed, there may be problems with communication, resource management and decision-making across the organizations. Cultural differences and corporate politics frequently get in the way.

By participating in this exclusive session, you will receive a complete roadmap to guide you from partner selection, alliance planning, deal structuring and negotiation to implementation and ongoing management — including turning around or terminating a troubled alliance.

Join the successful 70%!

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