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Requirements vs Resources —
Managing the Product Pipeline for Faster Time-to-Market

gerry50.gif (4295 bytes) Live Audio-Session featuring
Ken Crow [BIO]
President, DRM Associates
Noted expert in the field of new product development

Product development involves technical, market and business uncertainties and risks that create a dynamic planning environment for pipeline management.  If you're not prepared, time to market can suffer - or worse, you'll miss opportunities altogether.

Are there effective resource management tools to help you manage the product pipeline; especially when development plans and resources requirements frequently change?

Pipeline management begins with portfolio management to select the set of projects that best support the business strategy and maximize return.  It continues with resource management to determine if resources are available to initiate a new product development project.  Finally, it addresses the tactics to assure a smooth flow of projects through the pipeline. 

By participating in this 90-minute session (60 minute presentation, 30 minutes Q&A), you will learn:

  • The three questions that need answering to initiate a new project

  • Effective integration of pipeline and resource management functions with project management and portfolio management

  • Tools and methods to balance development requirements with resources

  • Actions to address pipeline and resource management changes and overload

  • Tradeoffs and decision criteria for selecting the most appropriate action to take in a given situation

  • Pipeline management tactics to manage project flow and minimize time to market

  • Guidelines for staffing a program to insure maximum effectiveness and minimum time-to-market

  • Metrics for pipeline management

This session recommended for anyone involved in product design and development.  Since it is an audio-session, your entire cross-functional team may participate together for one low, all-inclusive fee.

About the Session Leader

Kenneth A. Crow is President of DRM Associates, a consulting and training firm specializing in product development, and is a Principal of PD-Trak Solutions, a provider of NPD portfolio and project management software.  He is a recognized expert in the field of new product development with over thirty years of experience consulting with major companies in aerospace, automotive, capital equipment, consumer products, high technology, medical equipment and software.

He has worked with management to develop product strategies, assessed and reengineered clients’ product development processes, and instituted portfolio management, pipeline management, and stage/phase gate processes.  He has assisted product development teams develop their teamwork, plan and manage projects, investigate the voice of the customer, plan their products and strategy with quality function deployment, develop a business case, and apply target costing to optimize their profits.

Session Details

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March 18, 2005

1:00pm - 2:30pm ET

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