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Contextual Design:
From Customer Data
to Implementation

Live Audio Session featuring
Karen Holtzblatt, PhD


InContext Design

Curious about customer-centered design -- what it is, and how to take advantage of it?
Would you like to work more effectively with your users to design and iterate your products? Want to know what techniques are available and how you might adopt them in your projects?

Come to this talk, given by acknowledged industry expert Karen Holtzblatt!

Karen Holtzblatt is the inventor of Contextual Inquiry and Contextual Design, the customer involvement process adopted by many of the industry's leaders and taught throughout the world.

In this exclusive 90 minute session (60 minutes for the talk with 30 minutes for questions & answers), Karen will describe Contextual Design, a complete design process centered on understanding the customer--

She will walk you through the following steps:

  • gathering initial data from customers to determine what to build,

  • developing a single picture of a market or customer population,

  • responding with an innovative design,

  • structuring the product to meet the expectations of users, and

  • testing the product through rapid iteration with users.

Each step is illustrated with examples drawn from Karen's wide experience working with development and design teams across the industry. She makes the approach and techniques accessible to people struggling with real projects and real design problems.

The session is 90 minutes with frequent opportunities for questions & answers.

This session is an important one to attend “live,” take notes, and listen to with team members (use speakerphone, there is no additional charge). Due to the exclusive nature of the material, slides will only be presented during the actual audio-session. There will be ample opportunity for Q&A with Karen.

Invite your whole team to join you - the fee is the same as long as you are on one line, just put it on speakerphone!

About the Session Leader

Karen Holtzblatt, PhD

InContext Design

Karen is the visionary behind InContext's unique customer-centered design approach, Contextual Design. Karen's combination of technological and psychological expertise provides the creative framework for driving the development of innovative product and system designs.

Recognized as a leader in the design community, Karen has pioneered transformative ideas and design approaches throughout her career. Karen introduced Contextual Inquiry, now the industry standard for gathering field data to understand customers and users. Contextual Inquiry and the Contextual Design process based on it provide a revolutionary approach for defining new products and systems based on a deep understanding of the context of use.

Karen co-founded InContext Enterprises in 1992, to use Contextual Design techniques to produce product and system designs for businesses across multiple industries. The books, Contextual Design: Defining Customer Centered Systems, and, most recently, Rapid Contextual Design are used by companies and universities all over the world. InContext is known for training and designing solutions that work for people.

Session Details

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September 20
, 2007

1:00pm - 2:30pm ET

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