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Blogging for Product Developers: Valuable Tool or Passing Fad?

Live Audio-Session with
Bill Ives [BIO]
Business Blogs: A Practical Guide

What exactly is blogging and why is it important to product development?

How are successful early adopters using blogs?

We all know that blogs are hot, but how useful are they in business and more
specifically in product development?

These are some of the questions that Bill Ives asked 70 well-known bloggers
at organizations including IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo!, MIT, Harvard, and SAP as
part of research for his new book, Business Blogs: A Practical Guide.

This exclusive audio-session summarizes the insights gained from his interviews and provides specific examples of using blogs for product development and knowledge
management as well as for internal communication, project management, and

By participating you will learn:

  • about the business opportunities and applications that blogs and RSS

  • how blogs and RSS are important to product development

  • about different types of blogs

  • how to track blogs and forums for user feedback

  • how to track blogs and forums to catch misrepresentation and inaccuracies about your product

  • how to use blogs to communicate the value of your product and gain
    external feedback

  • how to use blogs as project management and low cost collaboration

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to bring your own experiences (and questions) into the discussion and receive expert feedback. The session will be a 90-minute presentation with frequent opportunities for questions and answers.

Invite your whole team to join you - the fee is the same as long as it's on one phone line, just put it on speakerphone! This session is an excellent opportunity for everyone on your product development team to listen together. (For team members in different locations, it is well worth adding line(s).)

About the Session Leader

Bill Ives
Business Blogs: A Practical Guide

Bill Ives, Ph.D., is an independent consultant and writer who has worked with Fortune 100 companies in knowledge management, portals, and learning
for over 20 years. He has published extensively on these topics and just completed, Business Blogs: A Practical Guide with Amanda Watlington. Bill was the Knowledge Management Practice Lead for Accenture from 2000 to 2004 and served in leadership roles at other consulting firms prior to 1996. Before consulting, Dr. Ives was a Research Associate at Harvard University exploring the effects of media on cognition. He can be reached at his web log:

Session Details

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December 7, 2005

1:00pm - 2:30pm ET

Your office or Conference Room


Unlimited attendance per phone connection

How To Register:

Online: Online Registration Form
By phone: Call 1-800-338-2223 or 781-891-8080
(9:00am-5:30pm EST)

You will receive:

1. E-mail confirmation of your registration and dial-in instructions
2. powerpoint_icon.gif (342 bytes)Softcopy of presentation slides emailed  to your office prior to session
3. Your questions answered by an expert - both during the session (live) and after (by email)