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Outsourcing Innovation
Leveraging External Resources to Drive Internal Growth

Live Audio-Session featuring
Michael Docherty [BIO]
Chief Executive Officer
Venture2, Inc.
with Luda Kopeikina [BIO]
President and CEO
Equanex Corporation

“Competitive advantage now often comes from leveraging the discoveries of others.“
Henry Chesbrough  (author, “Open Innovation”)

As a business leader in today’s highly competitive marketplace, you already understand the importance of innovation.  But internal resource constraints, financial pressures and traditionally risk-averse cultural/reward systems often conspire to undermine innovation efforts in this era of ‘do more with less’.  Increasingly, leading companies are adopting an ‘open model’ for innovation in order to overcome these barriers and improve their innovation effectiveness.  They are moving beyond ‘not invented here’ to a mindset of ‘let’s find the best ideas wherever they are’.

This audio-session will introduce and discuss practical approaches for creating your own ‘open model’ of innovation that fits your situation and needs – including methods to leverage external resources from early concept and technology development through to market launch and successful commercialization.  

This session is designed to provide you with an overview of best practices as well as practical guidelines to leverage new sources of innovation for profitable growth in your company. 

By participating in this audio-session, you will learn:

  • Why many companies who try to ‘go it alone’ struggle to innovate successfully

  • How ‘outsourcing innovation’ differs from traditional innovation approaches

  • Whether outsourcing makes sense for you – and how to recognize the right conditions

  • Which aspects of the innovation value chain should be outsourced – and which should not

  • How to match your innovation model to your organization’s tolerance for risk

  • Examples of how some leading companies are using outsourced models today – and their key success factors and lessons learned

  • How to focus your outsourced innovation efforts on the right opportunities – while minimizing your risks and resources

Invite your whole team to join you - the fee is the same as long as you are on one line, just put it on speakerphone!

About the Session Leaders

Michael Docherty, CEO of Venture2, has over 23 years of broad-based leadership experience in general management, marketing and new product development. He has a proven track record in helping companies achieve profit growth through innovation.

Prior to forming Venture2, Mike was a Vice President and General Manager for Sunbeam Products, Inc. His previous career includes consulting as well as corporate positions in marketing and planning leadership at Ford, General Electric and Rohm & Haas. Mike holds an MBA degree from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School and BSME degree from Drexel University. He is a highly rated national speaker on innovation and has four U.S. patents. Mike is also active in supporting the South Florida entrepreneurial community.

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Luda Kopeikina is President and CEO of Equanex Corporation that helps companies adopt groundbreaking ideas into their businesses. Methods applied by Equanex in work with customers were developed while Luda was a Visiting Scholar at MIT Sloan School of Management in 2004 and are discussed in her upcoming book. Luda is a former VP of General Electric where she had an opportunity to work with Jack Welch. She later ran a public company and founded and ran her own company in high-tech. Interactive Week’s 1998 Executive Worth Survey ranked Ms. Kopeikina within the top twenty CEOs of US high-tech public companies for her performance and total return to shareholders. 

Luda is also a Chairman of MIT Enterprise Forum of South Florida, a non-profit organization that promotes entrepreneurship. Ms. Kopeikina holds a Master’s Degree from MIT’s Sloan School of Management as a Sloan Fellow. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from St. Petersburg University, Russia, and had completed a Ph.D. thesis in Computer Science there.

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