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Better, Faster Innovation

August 11-12
, 2004 / Hilton Boston Back Bay

Featured Presentations

Tom Kelly, IDEO

The Art of Innovation
Tom Kelley
General Manager, IDEO
and author, The Art of Innovation: Lessons in Creativity from IDEO, America’s Leading Design Firm


Mr. Kelley will highlight the meta-lessons IDEO has derived from working with its worldwide clients on over 3,000 innovation programs.  The underlying theme of his talk will focus on how brands are best promoted in the long run by creating authentic brand experiences.  Within the overall topic of The Art of Innovation, Kelley will focus on five potential subject areas:

Innovation begins with an eye
Identifying innovation opportunities by watching real people in real-life settings and understanding their latent human needs

Prototyping is the language of innovation
Sustaining a culture of continuous innovation—not by aiming for perfection the first time but by creating lots of rapid prototypes—and building on many small failures to ultimately reach a market success

Verbs not nouns
Building brand loyalty and creating market “buzz” by designing great customer experiences

Being a visionary by living the future
Informing short-term decision-making by having a long-term point-of-view on technology and market developments

Space is the final frontier
Using the physical office environment as a tool to shape the attitude and behavior and performance of your creative team.

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Bill Crandall BIO
Director, Product Generation Services, Hewlett-Packard

  Different business strategies demand different product development strategies; one size does not fit all.  This case presentation will describe how HP sets product development strategies to deliver the cost, quality, speed, and risk afforded by the business strategy.  Since many of its product development strategies demand a high degree of flexibility to manage technical and customer uncertainty, Bill will examine the techniques that HP uses to provide that agility.
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9:30am-5pm est

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