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Product Differentiation Bootcamp
October 30 - November 1, 2000 - Chicago

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Why Is Product Differentiation Important?

Cost, quality and speed are not enough anymore. Even if you have optimized all three, it is still probably isn't enough for sustainable competitive advantage. And while the fuzzy notion of "customer value" sounds great in annual reports and in vision statements, it isn't specific enough to guide product development teams. Product differentiation is the compass that can direct product development teams to create products and services that can stand out in the marketplace.

The Product Differentiation Bootcamp is an exclusive gathering of industry practitioners and experts who will share practical methods for creating unique value.

While there is no single formula, innovation is not as elusive as it may often seem. The Bootcamp will demonstrate how you can exploit basic economics and human psychology to create meaningful differentiation in an over-crowded, rapidly moving marketplace.

At the conference, not only will you hear from some bold and knowledgable speakers you will have two unprecedented opportunities (the Product Reality Check Reception and the Differentiation Challenge) to get expert individualized advice on your specific projects.

Attendance is strictly limited to ensure a high level of individual question- answering, interactive discussion, and hands-on learning.


  • The underlying economic principles of the new economy, and how they relate to the rules of the old economy

  • New ways to get at customers’ unexpressed needs and wants

  • To leverage the total customer experience —and how this will provide you with profound new opportunities for growth

  • The role that basic human psychology plays in all purchase decisions, and how you can use this to increase sales and competitive advantage

  • How to blend technology and services to create entire new markets and new sets of capabilities (a key ingredient of disruptive technologies).

  • How to rejuvenate your product development process and know what risks to take

  • How to compete in the e-world

Additional Information Resources

Differentiation in the e-World
Click above to download a copy of conference chairman Peter Marks' white paper, as mentioned in CAE magazine.

Or, read the 2-part summarized version from Product Development Best Practices Report:

Differentiation in the e-World - Summary Article - Part 1
Differentiation in the e-World - Summary Article - Part 2

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