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Customer Connected Product Definition

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Can't attend?

Consider bringing our onsite workshop, "Market Driven Product Definition" to your company.  This highly practical seminar is convenient and cost-effective for a group of 8 or more participants.  Click the workshop title above for details.


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12 important reasons why you should register now for Customer-Connected Product Definition:

  1. Drive the cultural change necessary for marketing, engineering, and sales to get to
    YES on concept definition

  2. Reach internal agreement: Which customers should we serve? What do they want? Do they really know? Do we?

  3. Make sense of the many tools and techniques available for predicting and acting on rapidly changing customer needs

  4. Determine what to do when customers don’t even know what’s technologically possible

  5. Choose appropriate metrics to ensure that product design adheres to the voice of the customer

  6. Nail down product specs: successfully translate customer needs into product requirements your team can understand and deliver

  7. Leverage the Internet and other customer-connecting technologies to help you stay fast and flexible

  8. Strike a balance between the need for customer involvement and the importance of speed-to-market

  9. Execute a high ROI real-time feedback program to increase customer acceptance of your product

  10. Concentrate your efforts on identifying and better serving your most profitable customers

  11. Understand the different types of customer knowledge — conversational, observational, and predictive — and know which type is most effective in defining your company’s products and services

  12. Decide how much of your customer’s value chain you should encompass—and avoid the danger of trying to be all things to all customers

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