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Customer Connected Product Definition

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Can't attend?

Consider bringing our onsite workshop, "Market Driven Product Definition" to your company.  This highly practical seminar is convenient and cost-effective for a group of 8 or more participants.  Click the workshop title above for details.


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Post-Conference Workshops

- Tuesday, Nov. 9 -

arrowbullet-purp.GIF (155 bytes) 1:30p - 5:30p -Workshop A (half-day) - Executing Real-Time Customer Feedback Programs - w/Michael Shoppel, BetaSphere

- Wednesday, Nov. 10 -
(choice of two)

arrowbullet-purp.GIF (155 bytes) 8:00a - 4:00p -Workshop B (full-day) - Choice Model - w/Sheila Mello, Product Development Consulting, Inc.

arrowbullet-purp.GIF (155 bytes) 8:00p - 4:00p -Workshop C (full-day) - Outcome-Based Logic - w/Tony Ulwick, Stratagyn Consulting

Workshop Descriptions:

arrowbullet-purp.GIF (155 bytes) Workshop A (half-day)

Executing Real-Time Customer Feedback Programs In High Tech Environments: Common Traps and How to Avoid Them

Michael Shoppel, President and CEO, BetaSphere

Real-time feedback from customers is essential for product and service development teams to understand customer needs—especially in high-tech environments where the market changes rapidly and competitors are lurking around every corner. This workshop will illustrate how marketing and product development teams can successfully work together to consistently meet customer requirements on time with superior quality—and fewer post-launch support issues. You will learn:

  • How to combine customer feedback best practices and the Internet to more rapidly understand and validate the technical readiness and market acceptance of your product or service

  • Six steps for managing the customer feedback process: Define>Recruit>Collect>Manage>Report>Act

  • How to identify the factors which have the greatest influence on the success or failure of real time customer feedback initiatives

  • How to turn the Internet’s collapse of available time into a competitive advantage in identifying and acting on customer needs

arrowbullet-purp.GIF (155 bytes) Workshop B (full-day)

Choice Model: Choosing The Right Product Definition Approach For Your Customer and Your Company

Sheila Mello, principal,
Product Development Consulting, Inc

This practical seminar will enable you to make more intelligent choices in the design and development of individual products, and in the overall selection of your development portfolio based on the type of product you are developing, the market you are serving, and the resources and core competencies within your company. Ms. Mello will share with you a "choice model" for product definition based on extensive work with Fortune 100 companies in high tech, medical device, consumer goods, and industrial, and service companies. You will formulate an approach to product definition that is right for you—and your customers— by answering the following questions:

  • What do I do if my product is a commodity?

  • Are there different techniques for penetrating new markets, expanding existing markets, or pulling market share away from competitors?

  • Whose job is it to visit and interview customers—sales, marketing, product development—or all of the above?

  • How much information about the customer is enough to begin development—and how do I know when I’ve reached that point?

  • Do I need statistical significance in order to prioritize my customer’s requirements?

  • How can I maximize my available budget resources to implement an effective customer centered process?

arrowbullet-purp.GIF (155 bytes) Workshop C (full-day)

Outcome-Based Logic: A Revolutionary Approach For Translating Customer Needs Into Customer Value

Tony Ulwick, President, Strategyn Consulting

This workshop introduces the revolutionary technology that Fortune 100 companies are using to overcome the natural barriers to creating breakthrough products and services. This proven approach to new product development, product positioning, and product redesign applies an advanced strategy formulation technology that is grounded in science, statistics and Outcome-Based Logic. Participants will learn:

  • How to break down the three natural barriers that consistently inhibit the creation of breakthrough products and services.

  • A method of gathering needs and defining requirements that separates potential solutions from desired customer outcomes

  • How to identify your company’s desired competitive position and then systematically work toward the defining product concept that will enable you to occupy that position

  • A means to replace politics, faulty intuition, and argument with the facts and logic that create a basis for agreement and a customer-driven culture

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