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Innovating with
Partners in China:
Negotiation, Collaboration and IP Strategies for New Product Development

March 28-29, 2007 / San Diego, CA


“Companies need to leverage overseas talent not because of low labor costs, but to tap brain power. If you're working at an organization or a company and you're not doing that, my suggestion to you is that's an error."

--Henry Chesbrough, author, Open Innovation

"It's the year of innovation in China."

-- Business Week, Nov 6, 2006

While many firms have turned to China for low-cost production labor, increasingly Asia is emerging as a powerful source of new innovation. Several factors are driving this trend: 1) the China market – companies that want to success in China long term must develop localized products and services, 2) China has a large and growing number of top-quality scientists and engineers who can perform product development functions at lower cost, 3) the government is actively funding R&D, encouraging a focus on the lab as well as the factory.

The opportunity is clear, the question is: can we truly innovate with partners in China?

Is it possible to create new technologies and products when intellectual property practices and cultural norms are so different from our own? How? Do we share ideas – or risk spawning copycat products? What about establishing and growing our own R&D center in China? How do we find and nurture the best talent?

Management Roundtable is pleased to announce a new two-day workshop, Innovating with Partners in China to explore these questions and more. Led by Roger Nagel of Lehigh University, who has helped orchestrate numerous Chinese-US collaborations, the session will also feature experienced industry practitioners (from both the US and Asia) and experts on China-based collaboration, innovation, and intellectual property management.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide participants with strategies and tactics to expand R&D and innovation capabilities without jeopardizing core assets.

Through lecture, case studies, group discussion and hands-on exercises, participants will come away equipped to establish and grow a successful partnership and/or R&D base in China. Participants will also come away with a clear understanding of how to manage today’s critically important opportunities and challenges.

Who should attend

For any product development executive or team that is partnering – or considering partnering with firms in China – the topics to be covered in this session are imperative. Specifically this session will be most valuable to VPs, Directors and Managers of Product Development, R&D, Technology, Global Sourcing, Innovation, Alliance Management, and Business Development

To ensure interactivity and individual attention from faculty, attendance is limited to 60 participants (first-come, first-served).

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