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2 - D A Y  W O R K S H O P
and R&D in China:

Negotiation, Collaboration
and IP Strategies

 Dates & Location:
 October 22-23, 2007
/ Cambridge, MA


“Companies need to leverage overseas talent not because of low labor costs, but to tap brain power. If you're working at an organization or a company and you're not doing that, my suggestion to you is that's an error."  - Henry Chesbrough,
author, Open Innovation

"In 20 years, where do you see new ideas coming from? A significant chunk will be from China."  - Business Week, Nov 6, 2006

Why are leading companies increasingly turning to China for R&D and innovation?

  1. Tremendous government support and funding for R&D

  2. Access to vast talent pool and market

  3. Having a presence in China is increasingly important to global strategy

  4. Top quality scientists and engineers

  5. Unprecedented growth and profitability potential

However, while the opportunities and benefits are great, conducting R&D in China requires different approaches and skills than those used in the U.S. It is critically important to choose the right partners, establish trust and “guanxi,” share knowledge and teach by example – yet cautiously guard IP. It is also important to understand the culture and practices to ensure reciprocity and true innovation.

Management Roundtable is therefore pleased to once again offer its top-rated workshop, Innovation and R&D in China. Led by Roger Nagel of Lehigh University, who has helped orchestrate numerous Chinese-US collaborations, the session also features experts on China-based collaboration, negotiation, and intellectual property management.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide participants with strategies and tactics to expand R&D and innovation capabilities without jeopardizing core assets.

Through lecture, case studies, group discussion and hands-on exercises, participants will come away equipped to establish and grow a successful partnership and/or R&D base in China. Participants will also come away with a clear understanding of how to manage today’s critically important opportunities and challenges.


"This was the best instruction I have experienced in understanding the issues related to doing R&D and co-development in China.” 
Len Jenkins, Crown Packaging Technology

“This workshop should be viewed as the key to launching successful collaborations in China.”
John Gravendyk, The Boeing Company

“…the networking and information delivered in this workshop can be extremely helpful for companies new to doing business in China.”
Kenneth Ko, Interface Solutions, Inc.

Who Should Attend
For any product development executive or team that is exploring or conducting R&D in China – with partners, suppliers and/or through an R&D center - the topics to be covered in this session are imperative. Specifically this session will be most valuable to VPs, Directors and Managers of Product Development, R&D, Technology, Global Sourcing, Innovation, Alliance Management, and Business Development

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