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Monday - October 16

Pre-Conference Workshops

7:30a-8:30a Continental Breakfast & Registration
8:30a-12:00p Workshop A.
Collaborating in Cyberspace: Managing Co-wired Teams

Instructor: Scott Elliott, Product Development Consulting, Inc.
Workshop C.
Global Product Development: Bridging the Cultural Divide - Part 1

Instructor: Jerry McColgin, McColgin Consulting
12:00p-1:00p Lunch
1:00a-4:30p Workshop B.
Enabling Technology for Virtual Collaboration with Contractors and Partners

Instructor: Mark Silvestri, Life Cycle Solutions, Inc.
Workshop C.
Global Product Development: Bridging the Cultural Divide - Part 2

Instructor: Jerry McColgin, McColgin Consulting
1:00a-5:00p Bonus Session D:
Value Mapping

Session Leader: David Howells, CSC
6:00p-7:00p "One World, One Market" Reception

Tuesday - October 17

7:150a-8:15p Continental Breakfast & Registration

Strategic Overview

8:15a-8:30a Welcome - Management Roundtable
8:30a-8:45a Conference Overview - Dave Howells, CSC
8:45a-9:45a Keynote:
Working with Global Partners to Ensure End-Customer Quality

Mel Friedman, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
9:45a-10:30a Collaborative Design Initiatives for Rapid New Product Development
Shakil Ahmed, IBM Corporation
10:30a-11:00a Break
11:00a-11:45a Design for the Supply Chain
Roy Vallee, Avnet
11:45a-1:15p Lunch, with breakout discussion:
  1. Time Collaboration - Sanjeev Gupta, Speed to Market
  2. Implementing Product Lifecycle Management - Ceimis
  3. Long-Distance Collaboration Over the Internet - Steve Wolfe, Publisher, The CAD Report
1:15p-2:15p Managing Alliances Across Borders
Srini Rangan, author, Strategic Alliances: An Entrepreneurial Approach to Globalization

Making Collaboration Work

2:15p-3:15p Accelerating PD through Virtual Collaboration
Bob Thomas, Andersen Institute for Strategic Change and Scott Ekman, Sun Microsystems
3:15p-3:45p Break
3:45p-4:30p Sharing Data when Collaborators Also Compete Dr. Robert Carman, Boeing
4:30p-5:30p PANEL: Collaboration and Technology Expert's Roundtable
Moderator: Steve Wolfe, Publisher, The CAD Report and PDM Report
5:30p-7:00p "Rock Around the Clock" Reception with Speaker Roundtables

Wednesday - October 18

7:15a-8:15a Continental Breakfast

Track One:
Organizational and Business Issues
Moderator: Dr. Scott Elliott, Product Development Consulting, Inc.

8:15a-8:30a Overview Dr. Scott Elliott, Product Development Consulting, Inc.
8:30a-9:15a Oursource vs. Inside Build
David Gunderson, FlukeNetworks
9:15a-10:15a Partnering for Design Services
Jenny Ryan, Celestica
10:15a-10:45a Break
10:45a-11:30a Intellectual Property Sharing
Welton Washington, Dow/Concepture
11:30a-12:15a Virtual Collaboration, Community and Culture
Andrew McGrath, British Telecommunications PLC

Track Two:
Implementation Architectures and Interoperability Models
Moderator: Mark Silvestri, Life Cycle Solutions, Inc.

8:15a-8:30a Overview Mark Silvestri, Life Cycle Solutions, Inc.
8:30a-9:15a PDM, Web Development and System Integration in a Rapid Cycle Environment
Doug Speidel, Seagate Technology
9:15a-10:15a Parallel Design Across the Globe
Bob Berk Ford Motor
10:15a-10:45a Break
10:45a-11:30a Collaboration and the Internet
John Sheridan, NCMS and Bill Neill, Hewlett-Packard
11:30a-12:15a Standards for Interoperability
Ram Sriram, NIST
12:30p-2:00p Lunch with Breakout Discussions
Meet in small groups with various experts, including:
  1. NCMS E-Commerce Survey Results - John Sheridan, NCMS
  2. No "e" Required - Mark Strom, PRTM
  3. Keeping Dispersed Teams Working as a Team - Preston Smith, New Product Dynamics
  4. The Past, The Present and The Future for Integrated Product Realization - Richard Neal, IMTI

Best Practices for Agility and Growth

2:00p-2:45p The SuperTeam Approach
Gary Lenik, Pairgain Technologies
2:45p-3:30p Managing the Virtual PD Organization
Mike Oliver and David Roach, Navitrak International
3:30p-4:00p Conference Wrap-Up
Dave Howells, CSC

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