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"Easily exceeded my expectations."
Mark Salazar
Ion Systems

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Key Benefits

By participating in DAMA, you will learn:

  • How to decide where to physically design or make a product. How to assess the financial, quality, and/or time-to-market trade-offs.
  • Whether to outsource – and to whom.
  • How to share key knowledge while protecting intellectual property.
  • How to incentivize and build trust among potentially competing organizations — even from different cultures
  • How to manage who has access to sensitive information, both technically and politically.
  • Which systems and applications to use – especially when working with multiple partners and contractors. How to ensure interoperability.
  • How to communicate product definition accurately throughout the supply chain. What tools facilitate visualization and consensus.
  • How to make the transition from co-located to distributed. What work patterns must change; how to compensate for lack of "face time."
  • How to make sure that a product designed in one country can be made in another. What standards and protocols should be followed.
  • How to overcome time and language barriers, as well as system incompatibilities
  • How to take advantage of secure, neutral data-sharing zones and net marketplaces.
  • About the current capabilities and limitations of technology and the web; the pros and cons of commercial solutions versus homegrown; how "CPC" fits into the bigger IT picture

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