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Collaboration and Technology
Expert's Roundtable

Tuesday, October 17 - 4:30pm-5:30PM

Moderator: Steve Wolfe, Publisher, The CAD Report and PDM Report

What are the real keys to successful collaboration? What are the roadblocks? Are they technical or cultural? What can the new generation of web-based technologies really do? Do you need full-fledged Collaborative Product Commerce systems or is "virtual meeting" software enough? How do you get the biggest bang for your buck?

And what about infrastructure? How do you reconcile ease of access with the need for security? What organizational (and unspoken political) issues must you address first?

You probably have questions of your own. This exclusive panel discussion brings together a group of experts who have first-hand experience with a variety of real-world implementations. The format will be primarily Q&A and dialogue -- it will be moderated by Steve Wolfe who is realistic, practical, sometimes controversial, and known for cutting to the chase.

Panelists include:

Dave Howells, of CSC Consulting, who can talk about PDM and CPC from both the technical and strategic viewpoint. But he won’t talk from the 10,000 foot level -- he’s a down-to-earth guy who has definitely gotten his hands dirty.

Scott Elliott,of Product Development Consulting, Inc., spent most of his career at H-P as a technology manager – his expertise is in collaborative design and development and design for the supply chain. He currently works with lead users and is an avid user himself of web-based collaboration tools – he has seen what works and what doesn’t, both technically and organizationally.

Preston Smith, co-author of Developing New Products in Half the Time, has a great deal of insight into the processes and practices that enable teams to perform at maximum speed and cost-efficiency. His latest research focuses on dispersed teams, and he has uncovered some surprising findings.

Robert J. Thomas, of Andersen Consulting’s Institute for Strategic Change, specializes in the area of transformational organizational and technological change. Noted author, founding faculty member of MIT’s Leaders for Manufacturing Program, and senior lecturer in the MIT School of Engineering, he has guided implementation of new technology in a wide variety of global companies.

Mark Silvestri, president of Life Cycle Solutions, Inc., has over 16 years experience in CAD/CAM/CAE, PDM and standards. He has seen both commercial and homegrown solutions as well as the sometimes dark, political "underside" of DAMA.

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