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Read a special memo from Clayton Christensen

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Download MasterClass.pdf - 395kbThis event is designed to help executives become aware of and respond to disruptive changes in technology and market structure. You will move quickly from gaining an understanding of the scope of "disruptive technologies" to learning about ways for organizing a business unit around the model. To stay profitable in today's fast paced, web-enabled economy, you must make lifecycle challenges work for you instead of against you. Attend this unique event to become skilled at:

  • Leveraging successes and failures of the pioneers who have already developed lower performance products and pursued smaller markets at the expense of larger ones

  • Organizing to build separate new enterprises designed to cannibalize existing products

  • Uncovering new product applications and markets — before the customer signals — using the disruptive technology model

  • Determining the extent of opportunities and threats posed by the potential disruptions you have discovered

  • Strategizing how to introduce disruptions to existing or entirely new markets


  • AVOID focusing all investments and technology on your most profitable and in demand products

  • AVOID neglecting long term potential of disruptive technologies which often appeal to seemingly less attractive, less profitable segments of the market

  • AVOID managing new technologies in the same way you manage traditional "sustaining technologies"

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About Clayton Christensen
* Read an interview with Clayton Christensen from our newsletter,
Product Development Best Practices Report
* Special Opening Night Dinner on March 27 (see agenda)
* Focused break-out sessions with expert facilitators
* Daily program reviews by Clayton Christensen and Integral, Inc.
* Real-world
disruptive technology case study presentations (see agenda)

 The Innovator's Dilemma
Pre-reading Dr. Christensen's book is highly recommended for seminar participants



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