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Fast and Flexible Product Development

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Wednesday - February 26

Pre-Conference Workshops

7:00–8:00 Continental Breakfast & Registration
8:00–12:00 Workshop A
Process Engineering, Systems Architecture and Organizational Design Using the Design Structure Matrix
Instructor: Dr. Tyson Browning, Lockheed Martin

Workshop B
Innovative Techniques to Integrate Market Value for Bottom Line Results
Instructor: Sheila Mello, Product Development Consulting, Inc.

12:00–1:00 Lunch
1:00-5:00 Workshop C
Obtaining Rapid Development from Rapid Prototypes
Instructor: Preston Smith, New Product Dynamics

Workshop D
Techniques for Agile Product Development
Instructor: Greg Githens, Catalyst Management Consulting

Thursday - February 27

7:00–8:00 Continental Breakfast & Registration
8:00–8:15 Opening Remarks
Don Reinertsen, Reinertsen & Associates

Benefiting from Frequent Testing and Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping Innovation and Innovative Prototyping: Strategic Modeling as a Medium for Cost-Effective Innovation
Michael Schrage
9:30–9:45 Refreshment Break
9:45-10:45 CASE STUDY
Better, Faster, Cheaper Decision Making with Fast Prototypes
Mike Jahnke, Motorola & Tom Clay, Z Corporation

Faster, Better Market Sensing

10:45–11:45 CASE STUDY
Innovative and Meaningful to the Market: Techniques to Sense Market Opportunities and Develop Faster and Higher Quality New Product Definitions
Rich Gioscia, Palm, Inc. & Chris Conley, Illinois Institute of Technology
11:45–1:00 Lunch
1:00-2:00 CASE STUDY
Killer Apps: Making High Tech Adoption Strategies Useful for the Rest of Us
Dev Patnaik, Jump Associates LLC

Maximize Learnings from Rapid Iterations

Fast & Flexible Processes for the Small to Medium-Sized Company

2:00-3:00 CASE STUDY
Project Cost, Schedule and Risk Management Using the Design Structure Matrix
Dr. Tyson Browning, Lockheed Martin
Flexibility by Design
David Roach, Produxys Solutions
3:00–3:30 Refreshment Break
3:30-4:30 CASE STUDY
Coordinating Iteration in a Highly Integrated Product Development Process
Tony Zambito, Ford Motor Company
Crazy and Chaotic Product Development for the Smart, Small and Sharp
Kerem Durdag, BIODE
4:30-5:30 CASE STUDY
Product Development at Warp Speed & Very Low Cost: The On-Line Virtual Enterprise
Robert Carman, Boeing-Rocketdyne Advanced Programs
5:30-7:00 Networking Reception

Friday - February 28

7:30–8:00 Continental Breakfast

Balancing the Benefits of Late Changes Against Their Costs

Making Money with Speed and Flexibility
Don Reinertsen, Reinertsen & Associates
9:15–9:30 Refreshment Break
9:30–11:00 Roundtable Discussions - These interactive group discussions will give you an opportunity to synthesize the key learnings from the conference and help you develop implementation steps and action plans to take back to your company.

Strategies for Increasing Speed and Flexibility

11:00-12:00 CASE STUDY
Improve Your Product Development Efficiency through Process Maturity

Gary Borders, Hewlett-Packard
12:00–1:00 Lunch
1:00-2:00 CASE STUDY
Implementing Rolling Wave Program Management
Vlad Rasper, MDS SCIEX & Greg Githens, Catalyst Management Consulting
2:00-3:00 CASE STUDY
Overcoming the Speed vs. Process Dilemma
Brian Montgomery, Blackbaud, Inc.
3:00 Program Adjourns

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