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Fast and Flexible Product Development
October 8-10, 2003 / Chicago, IL

Who Should AttendBACKGROUND

Linear product development processes are no longer compatible with a business climate where the marketplace, customer needs and technology advancements are rapidly changing. You've got to be able to turn on a dime and readily respond to these challenges. The real winners are those who can hold off on "locking-in" requirements as late as possible in their development process thereby substantially reducing market and technical risk. What are some of the most successful tools, processes and methods to determine what your customers really want in your product and why? How can you streamline and speed up gate reviews, and still keep your options open?

Find out at Management Roundtable’s upcoming conference, Fast and Flexible Product Development, to be held October 8 – 10, 2003, in Chicago. The program will explore the latest strategies and techniques to achieve a more adaptive development process; balancing flexibility with structure to allow you to keep costs low and still get the "right" product to market first. By participating, you will learn:

  • how to reap the benefits of frequent and "smart" prototyping – getting answers to your development questions with fast, inexpensive prototypes
  • strategies to successfully balance flexibility and discipline in your development process - just enough process...just in time
  • how to lock-in requirements as late as possible and still get the product out on time
  • how to gain acceptance for iterative development processes and their value in creating a winning product without increasing overall costs
  • how to implement feedback mechanisms to generate product preferences throughout the development process

What Past Participants Have Said About the FFPD Conference:

"Excellent conference! Top-notch presentations. Very applicable to my project-management discipline."

Kevin Motto
Nuskin Enterprises

"One of the best conferences I've been to. Excellent, timely control, with very good speakers. Great venue and location, great planning and execution by the organizers."

James Snyder
Medtronic, Inc.

"Project management, process management, product management require skills and tools and this conference has outlined many of them"

Ted Girata
Mercury Computer Systems

"There is no such thing as a silver bullet that will solve all problems. These conferences provide new tools or show new methods for sharpening existing tools to solve those problems."

Larry Martin

"I appreciate the process: cattle prod learning in this environment, from successful people in the same field, is very beneficial."

Joe Hepburn
Cessna Aircraft Company