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2 - D A Y  W O R K S H O P
Flexible Product Development:
Building Agility for Changing Markets

 Dates & Location:
February 26-27, 2008
/ Orlando, FL

An intensive two-day workshop focusing on accommodating and even embracing the mid-project changes that inevitably accompany true product innovation

Course Instructor:
Preston G. Smith
Developing Products in Half-the-Time

When you develop new products:

  • Do customers change their minds in the middle of the project?

  • Do competitors launch disruptive products after your design "freeze"?

  • Does technology change before you can bring it to market?

  • Does your system facilitate making these changes smoothly?

Through a full-length case study, lectures and facilitated Q&A, you will learn:

  • How to time decision-making to keep options open but keep schedules and budgets in line

  • How to specify customer requirements at levels that are less likely to change

  • How to design your project to accommodate change while maintaining process quality

  • How to implement flexible project management techniques that overcome the rigidity of traditional project management

  • How to balance the need for structure against the need for flexibility

  • How to “fence in” change through modular architecture

  • How to lower the cost of change throughout the process

Who Should Attend
Managers leading and planning new product development and members of development teams. Executives who wish to rethink whether their current strategies are producing the new-product results they desire in the turbulent environment they face.

The more you face change and uncertainty in developing new products, the more valuable this workshop will be. If you are not facing change, ask yourself: Are your new products truly innovative?

Although this workshop is aimed at non-software products, which have not had the benefit of agile methodologies heretofore, agile software developers will find it valuable to strengthen their understanding of agile approaches.