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2 - D A Y  W O R K S H O P
Flexible Product Development:
Techniques for Thriving in Fast-Moving and Uncertain Markets

 Dates & Location:
 August 8-9, 2006
/ Chicago, IL


Customer Testimonials

“Good material, well done, well presented, with real world examples and results.”

Dick Nova
Program Manager
Medtronic-Physio Control

“(This is) the first time I’ve seen the whole (product development) process presented instead of just isolated thoughts or ideas.”

Dave Teggin
Product Center Manager

“The seminar was filled with valuable yet simple-to-understand information.  Preston (Smith) has excellent presentation skills.”

Steven Huard
Engineering Manager
Parker Hannifin

“(The class) provided data and benchmarks to look at the development process  differently.” 

Carl Bender
Process Manager
Texas Instruments

“(The class) offered a sense of the complexity/range or solutions that are available.”

Namwook Paik
Design Engineer
American Power Conversion