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Panel and Breakout Sessions

Structuring and Implementing the Alliance/Acquisition

Panel Discussion:
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained – Deciding Why, When, With Whom, and How to Engage in Today’s Risk-Averse Climate

Moderator: Jay Paap BIO, Summit Co-Chair


  • Rakesh Popli BIO, Research Associate Technology Acquisition, SC Johnson
  • Tony Palcheck BIO, Director Corporate Strategic Research, Motorola, Inc.

In this interactive dialogue and Q&A session, you will hear how three technology leaders decide which opportunities to pursue – as well as how to pursue them. They will cover topics such as:

  • Using Business Intelligence to support technical strategy development
  • How to filter through acquisition candidates
  • How to identify and evaluate opportunities
  • How to determine the type of relationship to engage in
  • Technology development partner selection
  • Alliance/ technology development agreement
  • How to manage the odds of failure from the start
  • Global/local advantages to consider

Breakout Session:
Pursuing the Deal


  • Anthony Palcheck BIO, Director, Corporate Strategic Business Research, Motorola Inc.,
  • Roger Stewart BIO, Chief Technology Officer, Alien Technology
  • Herman Sperling BIO, Group Vice President, Harman Consumer Group
  • Elizabeth Enayati Powers BIO, Assistant Dean, Law & Technology, Santa Clara University School of Law

Deciding specifically which partnerships and/or acquisitions to engage in –and then making the best possible arrangement – is paramount. Explore ways to reduce the risks and increase the rewards in this interactive breakout session.

Pre-Work, Exploring and Screening

  • Screening and evaluating potential partners and acquisitions
  • "Pre Flight Checkout": the art of exploring without committing
  • No-Fault Co-Development Partnerships: small initial goals for joint enrichment
  • Conducting due diligence to ensure a good fit
  • Make/buy/divest: high level decision drivers

Structuring and Negotiating Agreements

  • Who leads the process?
  • Reconciling the roles of financial and technical evaluation
  • Building in flexibility, exit strategies
  • Determining value for the money on intangible assets
  • Structuring Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Relationship ethics: mutual respect

Bridging the Organizational and Cultural Gaps

Bridging the Organizational Gaps & Aligning with Partners

The next make-or-break phase of an alliance or acquisition is when you begin to implement and integrate technologies, IP and organizations. These parallel sessions will explore the "hard" and "soft" issues that invariably arise.

Breakout Session A
Integrating Systems with Partners – Sharing Information


  • Francois Auzerais BIO, Vice President Research, Schlumberger Oilfield Services
  • Daniel Mooney BIO, Vice President- Product Development, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
  • Noboru Tateishi BIO, Director, Nissan Technical Center

This session will cover:

  • Managing the partnership - who calls the shots?
  • Knowledge Networks and IT Tools for global partnering
  • Linking technical resources with internal development efforts
  • Transferring technology from one organization to another
  • Infrastructure integration, synchronizing financial systems

Breakout Session B
Managing the Relationship – People, Culture and Trust


  • Dave McCamey BIO, Senior Manager, Alliance Effectiveness, The Procter & Gamble Company
  • Bernard Mont-Reynaud BIO, Chief Software Architect, Sony Corporation

This session will cover:

  • Using a proven diagnostic tool to monitor and nurture the health of a partnership
  • Aligning and updating partnership objectives, plans and priorities
  • Assigning the right staff – choosing the best people
  • Getting finance managers to agree on how money will flow
  • Making joint decisions, resolving conflicts
  • Overcoming NIH syndrome; changing internal attitudes
  • Partnering across borders

SPECIAL DOWNLOAD: P&G Guide to Successful Partnerships

Achieving Strategic & Financial Objectives

Panel Discussion:
Building for Growth


  • Paul Falkenstein BIO, Worldwide Director of Strategic Business Marketing, Becton Dickinson
  • Bill Berlinger BIO, Corporate Licensing, Caterpillar, Inc.
  • Damon Matteo BIO, Hewlett-Packard

Finally, the fruits of the alliance/acquisition are realized. Or are they? Gain new perspective on extracting value from your alliance and/or investment.

  • Out-licensing and in-licensing pros and cons
  • Invention and patent opportunities to expand
  • Global opportunities
  • Renegotiating and/or leveraging joint ventures
  • Monetizing IP and developing new business
  • Protecting the core and building for growth
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