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Summit Presentations

Technological, Financial and Strategic Drivers

Featured Presentation:
Working with the Venture Capital Ecosystem to Drive Growth – Creating a Successful Internal/External Development Mix

Gerard M. Mooney BIO, VP, Venture Capital Group, IBM

To drive growth and build strategic value, companies can no longer afford insular thinking. You must look at innovation wherever you can find it; internal development is too slow and risky. The integrator will beat the inventor. The question is, what is the best way to gain access to new technologies, solutions and business models that will keep you among the industry leaders: Alliance? Equity investment? A mix?

In this presentation, Gerry Mooney will discuss the strategic decision-making behind IBM’s program that is leveraging externally developed innovation. He will cover:

  • Why the Venture Capital Ecosystem is still important
  • How to create win/win alliance scenarios
  • How to develop a program that will provide the optimal internal/external development mix
  • Why companies are moving away from equity investments
  • How to grow to the next level

Featured Presentation:
Strategic Alliance on JSF

Frank Cappuccio BIO, VP and General Manager Advanced Development Programs, Lockheed Martin

As Vice President of the renowned Lockheed Martin Corporation Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Program, Frank Cappuccio’s responsibilities were two-fold. First, the successful execution of the Concept Development Phase (CDP) valued at $800M, which introduced a new propulsion system into the military; and second, the capture of the follow-on Engineering, Manufacturing and Development Phase (EMD) valued at $20B. Lockheed Martin won the JSF contract in November 2001; the largest contract ever awarded. Key to his success was the technical and financial integration of BAE SYSTEMS and Northrop Grumman into a seamless team, which was recognized as a significant win factor. In this presentation he will discuss the strategy behind this alliance and how he made it work.

Structuring and Implementing the Alliance/Acquisition

Featured Case Study:
Making R&D Alliances Work in the Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry

Keith Dionne BIO, Vice President and General Manager of Technology Business, Millennium Pharmaceuticals

Alliances have become a major factor in the Pharmaceutical industry with Goldman Sachs reporting that 52% of the products expected to be launched in 2002 having been developed in conjunction with Biotech companies.

This presentation will look at the forces driving alliances in the Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry as well as critical factors in making them successful.

Discussion will include:

  • factors that are making alliances an essential component of a successful biotechnology or pharmaceutical strategy
  • approaches in designing alliances at the business development stage for both research and development alliances
  • critical factors in making alliances work
  • managing multiple R&D alliances

Bridging the Organizational and Cultural Gaps

Featured Presentation:
Achieving Organizational Alignment between Technology and Finance

Robert J. Herbold BIO, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer (retired), Microsoft

One of the biggest challenges of an alliance or acquisition - especially one that involves innovation, IP and intangible assets -- is organizational integration.

In global partnerships it is not only necessary to integrate the practices and systems of companies, there must also be internal alignment on the value of the deal and how to manage and measure its ultimate performance.

Drawing on his background from both "free-wheeling" Microsoft(where he generated a dramatic increase in profit margins via instilling discipline in a previously "out-of-control" environment), and highly structured Procter & Gamble (where he was very involved in the move to "continuous replenishment" with Wal-Mart and virtually all other big customers), he will discuss:

  • How to harmonize systems and operations - to create a global financial information systems with common measures
  • How to blend operational discipline with a culture of innovation
  • How to bring together functions, business units, and geographies
  • How to plan and forecast in an environment of technological uncertainty and daily change
  • How to overcome "we're unique - we do it our way" thinking; how to standardize and simplify while fostering creative freedom and motivation

Achieving Strategic & Financial Objectives

Strategic IP Management

Jeffrey D. Weedman BIO, Vice President-External Business Development & Global Licensing, The Procter & Gamble Company

Mr. Weedman will speak on the strategic underpinning of IP management programs, with an emphasis on the numerous ways of extracting value from a company's IP portfolio. Imagine a company adding a business that yields in excess of 90%, with no additional capital investment, lean staffing, and significant growth potential. Mr. Weedman will address utilizing your already existing technology, trademarks and know-how to build a highly profitable business. He will also address the strategic imperative of accessing external assets to complement and enable internal innovation programs.

SPECIAL DOWNLOAD: P&G Guide to Successful Partnerships

Featured Presentation:
Getting Value from the Alliance

Loretta Nelson BIO, Director Strategic Alliances, Cisco Systems

Cisco has achieved over 50% share in the key growth market of IP telephony within two years - significantly because of its success at employing a range of solution development and go-to-market models with its strategic alliance partners. Loretta Nelson, senior director of Technology Alliances responsible for many of Cisco's most business-critical relationships with other technology leaders, will draw on the company's recent success in IP telephony to describe how Cisco evaluates whether internal development, acquisition, partnering or some combination of the three is likely to deliver the greatest commercial success.  She will also share Cisco's approach for matching a specific product or technology opportunity with the right partner and with the right go-to-market model to extract compelling value from its strategic alliance relationships.

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