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In response to requests we've had from people seeking trustable groups and/or resources to help them locate, structure, and manage technology alliances and acquisitions, we have created an exclusive Resource Round-Up.

This Round-Up is limited to professional associations, academia, regional development groups, government agencies, web-based services and others that have been recommended to us by Summit faculty and other industry practitioners. Areas of expertise range from technology scouting and brokering to IP management, negotiation, and alliance management.

Jay Paap, Conference Co-Chair, will briefly introduce each person at the Summit and tell a bit about their areas of expertise. This is a non-commercial service (no commercials or exhibits are allowed at this event); its purpose is to point people in the direction of available outside support.

In the meantime you may learn more about these resources from the following links:

Patent Cafe Patent Cafe® is a network of intellectual property information, e-commerce and software resources, and is the publisher of IPSearchEngine, the enterprise-level web-distributed intellectual property asset management(IPAM) software for business and legal professionals.
Intellectual Property Society The Intellectual Property Society is a donor supported membership organization working to increase public awareness of, and participation in, the evolution of intellectual property rights and emerging technologies. We have a special mission to out-reach to entrepreneurs, technology professionals and senior corporate executives.
ASAP Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals , A.S.A.P., is the first professional organization dedicated to strategic alliances. By providing management resources, sharing best practices, and supporting the professional development of those involved in strategic alliances, A.S.A.P. is committed to providing the professional and educational support that executives and managers of strategic alliances need to be successful.
The Generics Group The Generics Group is a leading integrated technology consulting, development and investment organization, with an international reputation for successfully commercializing emerging science and technology. Our technology and business consulting services offer customized product and process solutions and advice on new technology opportunities to a wide range of international clients, from start-ups to major corporations.
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