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2 - D A Y  W O R K S H O P
Leveraging Intellectual Property to Accelerate Product & Technology Development—
How to Make Open Innovation Work

 Dates & Location:
 June 16-17, 2008
/ Cambridge, MA


In a combination of lecture, interactive discussion and group activities, you will receive advice and guidance from the instructors as well as your colleagues at other firms.

Specifically you will learn:

  • How to structure agreements that facilitate joint innovation and balance opportunity with protection (including alternatives to IP ownership)

  • To determine value of both internal and external IP, evaluate commercial merit and risk of uncertain technologies; monitor and mine company technology

  • How to use IP to find external opportunities

  • How to map the current IP of the organization to product opportunities; assess the strengths and weaknesses of your IP position, see where opportunities for IP exist

  • How to strategically patent ideas and technologies and make it increasing difficulty for competitors to obtain patents

  • To evaluate cost, market and profit potential: compare value to similar deals, calculate revenue and determine split

  • How to measure IP contribution to the organization

  • How to determine what to share, keep, license, buy, sell and/or spin-off

  • How to do patent mining and analysis, use white space maps, and design-around sessions

  • How to develop an exit strategy for ideas you decide not to pursue

  • How to increase the likeliness of commercialization success – internally or externally

  • Kimberly-Clark’s innovative approach to intellectual asset portfolio management

10 Key Deliverables

  1. Framework for structuring effective alliances as well as orphan and strategic spin-offs

  2. Sourcing and target techniques (including using IP to find others)

  3. IP models for different industry segments

  4. Tools and techniques including White Space Maps, Use Map, Product Matrix, and Value Maps

  5. Methods to analyze cost of IP ownership and SWOT

  6. Hands-on exercise: What IP is available in a new product offering?

  7. Implementation case examples from industry leaders

  8. Business, technology and legal perspectives from top experts

  9. Full set of reference materials to share with your colleagues

  10. New network of peers and experts to continue discussion after the workshop has concluded

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