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2 - D A Y  W O R K S H O P
Achieving Lean
Product Development

Techniques, Economics & Implementation

 Dates & Location:
 March 3-4, 2009 / San Diego

Due to limited space, this workshop is offered exclusively to industry practitioners. Sorry, but registration applications will not be accepted from academics or consultants.

An intensive, two-day workshop on practical, economically justifiable approaches for applying lean techniques to product development

Course Instructor

Don Reinertsen [BIO]

Reinertsen & Associates
Author of Managing the Design Factory

Customer Testimonials:
Read what workshop participants have to say about the instructor and course curriculum:

"Don is a dynamic and influential resource who effortlessly transfers knowledge, leverages experience and provides clarity to typical product development pitfalls. He has a knack of challenging existing paradigms and offering more insightful approaches to enable excellence. Your eye-opening experience is a seminar away."...more

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Why Lean Product Development?

The techniques that are now called “lean methods” have been used for over 50 years in production processes, producing huge economic benefits. These same methods also can be used in product development. In fact, they are the only approach available to simultaneously achieve large
improvements in the speed, quality, and cost of product development.

However, using lean methods in product development requires some insight. To succeed we must have a clear idea of what management practices obstruct flow, and how to remove these obstructions. Without this insight we will dilute our energy in lengthy process mapping exercises, and ultimately lose momentum.

This workshop focuses on known leverage points. It concentrates on specific practical methods that have helped participants achieve as much as a 90 percent reduction in cycle time. It uses a unique economic approach to identify which methods will provide the fastest payback and teaches you the science behind the methods.

This seminar is fundamentally different from other workshops in its intense focus on economic justification and practical methods rather than general philosophical principles.

Upon return to your organization,
you will have:

  • Your own roadmap and action plan for implementing lean techniques in your development process
  • A comprehensive course book providing all charts and exercises used in the course
  • Answers to your individual application questions – plus phone and email access to the instructor to ensure that you don’t have any unanswered questions from the workshop

Who Should Attend:

This program is designed for managers who play a role in product development. It will be particularly useful to companies that are reaching the point of diminishing returns using conventional approaches to product development and those who wish to quickly get benefits using lean methods..

It is preferred that participants have a basic understanding of lean techniques and at least 5 years of experience in product development. Attendees should bring a calculator, since the course will involve some light calculations.

The techniques covered are general methods of analysis rather than industry specific rules. Just as physics applies to both large objects and small ones, the methods used in this course can be applied in a wide variety of industries.

Click here to see a list of companies who have participated in this workshop.

This course is also available as an onsite workshop
To request a proposal for an in-house workshop, please contact Tracey Kimball via email at or by phone at 781-891-8080 ext. 214

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Attendees of this workshop will receive a complimentary copy of Don Reinertsen's book, Managing the Design Factory