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2 - D A Y  W O R K S H O P
Achieving Lean Product Development
Techniques, Economics & Implementation

 Dates & Location:
 March 3-4, 2009 / San Diego

An intensive, two-day workshop on practical, economically justifiable approaches for applying lean techniques to product development

Customer Testimonials

Here's what previous workshop attendees had to say about Achieving Lean Product Development:

"Don is a dynamic and influential resource who effortlessly transfers knowledge, leverages experience and provides clarity to typical product development pitfalls. He has a knack of challenging existing paradigms and offering more insightful approaches to enable excellence. Your eye-opening experience is a seminar away."

Chris Bardeggia
Director of Engineering
Global Robust Product Design
Whirlpool Corporation

"This workshop outlays the true lean ways to improve any product development path with clear and measurable techniques."

Tim Acevedo
Group Leader
Engineering Product Innovation
Biolab, Inc.

"Great seminar and presentation. "real life" examples provided great clarification. I am convinced that lean method can be implemented with ease and success. Instructor is well versed and presents material in an understandable and easy communicative manner."

Cindy Bracht
Door Team Leader
Marvin Windows & Doors

"One of the most useful seminars I have attended."

Steve Milz
VP, Engineering
Lincoln Food Service

"thought provoking economic basis for decisions, queue analysis - things I hadn't really considered prior to this course"

Mark Lazar
Manager, Electrical Engineering
Badger Meter, Inc.

"Two very good take-aways are:

  1. stage gate PDP is flawed in implementation - we will have to rewrite our process
  2. usefulness of the cost of delay calculation.

Also, lots of good reinforcement for small batch sizes"

Harold Devisser
Engineering Manager
Husky Injection Molding

“I was very encouraged to have rigor and benefit #’s associated with “common sense,” which is often opposed to required work processes and approaches. Using analytical tools will help me form and articulate recommendations that will be believed and have positive business impact.”

Jeff Coult
Sr. Manager, Engineering

"Many of the concepts and tools address issues and frustrations that I have experienced in product development. I am energized to bring them to my work."

Greg Williams
Group Manager R&D
Dade Behring

"Excellent session! Excellent instructor! Very informative...The course does an excellent job applying lean principles and methods to product development process."

John Manson
Engineering Manager
Kimball International

"Instructor extremely knowledgeable and insightful across a wide range of industries."

Jim Holt
Manager of Systems Engineering
United Defense

"This workshop was very valuable. We're going home with lots of ideas in how to approach improving our R&D organization. The idea of taking small steps to improve a piece of the process quickly is a good approach."

Ken Peterson
Product Development Director
Medtronic Physio-Control

"Good solid focus on product development - introduced new concepts and also served to reinforce core ideas from his product development books and tied it all together nicely. Very practical, experience-based information"

Dave Skerkoski
Development Manager
Keithley Instruments, Inc.

"The commonality and desire to successfully implement new projects are gathered in one room. This gathering of various companies sharing common issues is comforting. We don't feel like we're on this deserted island alone."

Jeffrey Ogi
IPD Lead
Parker Hannifin

"A secondary benefit is the side discussions during meals and breaks. The group consists of people dealing with similar issues. Hearing how they dealt with items and discussing their needs was very helpful."

Randy Horning
Hardware Design Manager
LSI Logic

"Best linkage I've seen of LEAN techniques /terminology to design/development activities."

Kathy Mullen
Design Quality Lead
United Defense

"Very useful, especially since it was a smaller, more intimate group. Content was exceptional and applies to so many and varied industries...Don is an excellent speaker in keeping all participants involved and engaged."

Lisa Ottoson
AVP, Director Product Development
Federal Home Loan Bank

"Great points about how to apply lean to R&D, especially around the information flow applications...Good illustration of the differences between manufacturing and R&D."

Alistair Norval
KOS Director
Eastman Kodak

"Excellent presentation of the key differences between lean in manufacturing and in New Product Development."

John Trainor
Director, Program Management

"This was a great discussion and I learned a lot about lean development and process technique. The information that I obtained will be an asset for my company as we evolve our PD/PM processes."

Richard Obiso
Senior Scientist, Project Analyst

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