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Summit Background

In June of 2006, Management Roundtable held the first Lean Product Development Summit. This groundbreaking event brought together an impressive group of over 90 practitioners, representing multiple industries to discuss the current status of lean product development efforts, brainstorm new approaches to overcome the challenges of implementation and build a network for ongoing discussion and future problem-solving.

Given the success of last year’s summit and the continued growth in companies interested in transitioning lean concepts from the manufacturing floor to product development, Management Roundtable is pleased to announce that the Lean Product Development Summit will be an annual event.

Don Reinertsen will once again be the chairperson for this important forum and will share his latest insights and some advanced concepts on the topic of lean product development. Limited to just 75 attendees, the program format will involve a high degree of attendee participation. Attendees will be expected to provide feedback to case presenters, participate in breakout group discussions and give report backs to the group at-large.

If your company is currently involved in lean product development initiatives and not getting the types of results you had hoped for, this lean implementation summit offers you an excellent benchmarking opportunity as well as a chance to problem-solve with other pioneers in lean product development.

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Strictly limited to 75 participants
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