The Management Roundtable

A two-day conference on key strategies and approaches to effectively apply lean thinking to product development and substantially improve top-line growth.

KKeynote Presentations:


James Luckman
Lean Transformations Group, LLC
Keynote Abstract
Abe Vadhavkar
GPDS Platform Manager
Ford Motor Company
Keynote Abstract
Don Reinertsen
Reinertsen & Associates
and Author, Managing the Design Factory
Keynote Abstract
  • The principles and underpinnings of the Toyota Product Development System and how to achieve 50% faster product development cycle times

  • How to apply lean concepts for rapid learning, knowledge capture and effective people engagement

  • Unconventional techniques to achieve lean transformations

  • Which lean methods can have the most impact and how they work

Case Studies & Practitioner Insights from:

Dr. Terence M. Barnhart
Director, Strategic Management & Head of Agile R&D
Pfizer Global R&D
Presentation Abstract
Mark Swets
Office Lean Consultant
Co-Author, Innovative Lean Development (May 2009)
Presentation Abstract
Andrew Flint
Principal Hardware Engineer
Presentation Abstract
Merle Meyer
Vice President, Product Development and Production
Rapid Refill Corporation
Presentation Abstract
Dantar Oosterwal
Knowledge Based Product Development
Panel Session
Theresa Garwood
R&D Project Manager
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Abbott Diagnostics
Presentation Abstract
Reaz Rasul
General Manager
Lean Product Development

GE Healthcare
Presentation Abstract
Judd Clark
Principal Engineer
Altec Industries, Inc.
Presentation Abstract
Perry N. Rea
Manager, New Airplane Product Development
Panel Session
  Paul Smith
Engineering Manager, Lean Facilitation & Quality Systems
Panel Session

Pre-Conference Workshop

Product Development for the Lean Enterprise

Michael C. Gnam

Executive Director, Lean Product Development Initiative (LPDI)
National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS)

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Supporting Organization

What customers say about MRT's Lean Product Development Conferences:

"Everyone involved in NPD should attend this [conference], the cost of not attending is just too high..."
Rich Buck
Director of Engineering
Crane Electronics

"It is by far one of the best assembled summits in the field of lean product development...Good work from the Management Roundtable."
Raul Carmona
Director of Engineering

"...I left armed with knowledge obtained by the successes and failures of 7 different company's experiences with lean implementations. This was time well spent!"
Scott Pennestri
Engineering Services Manager
Isothermal Systems Research

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