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Pre-Conference Workshop


Tuesday, October 14 - 8:00a-12:00p
Product Development for the Lean Enterprise

Michael C. Gnam

Executive Director
Lean Product Development Initiative (LPDI)

National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS)

Although less publicized and harder to comprehend than the Toyota Production System, the Toyota Product Development System is also unique and arguably more important for the ongoing success of the company. Increasingly, companies are applying the same lean principles of production into product development in a continuing attempt to mimic Toyota’s success. While this will achieve incremental gains, it will not capture the essence of Toyota’s excellence, nor achieve the breakthrough improvements which are possible. This can only be done by understanding why they do what they do and integrating that thinking into the company culture and company paradigms. This workshop is based on the findings of a two year National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) study on the world’s best practices in new product development.

Specific Learning Objectives
Workshop participants will learn:

  • The principles and cornerstones of the Toyota Product Development System

  • How to achieve 50% faster product development cycle times(and the associated lower development costs) and 4x the productivity of your engineering department

  • How to minimize or eliminate design loop-backs

  • How to achieve smooth product launches (and hit the target deadlines)

  • How to create, capture, share, and reuse robust technical knowledge across design projects

  • Why merely copying the Toyota processes seldom achieves the desired results and what to do about that

  • How other companies are making this change, what works, what does not work, and how they score on relevant metrics

Michael C. Gnam, Executive Director, Lean Product Development Initiative (LPDI), for the National Center of Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), is currently responsible for managing all LPDI activities. This encompasses new and continuing research in this topic and providing presentations, seminars, workshops, and consulting in the area of Lean Product Development based on the Toyota principles. Mr. Gnam managed a two year collaborative project which studied the world’s best practices in Product Development with a focus on engineering productivity and fast-to-market issues.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Gnam was Director of Engineering for a medical equipment manufacturer. As such, he was responsible for all R&D and Manufacturing Engineering functions and, additionally, was responsible for the company’s 3 year Deming style TQM transformation. Mr. Gnam has over 27 years of experience in new product and process development and 15 years at NCMS performing studies of the world’s best practices in numerous business and management areas.

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