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12 Key Benefits

By attending this conference, you will learn:
  • How to successfully integrate Toyota lean thinking into your company culture and company paradigms

  • About Abbott Diagnostics’ use of simple methods and processes to reduce design verification lead times by over 30% while improving quality and cost

  • The essential steps to achieving lean transformation within and across your company - how to apply lean concepts for rapid learning, knowledge capture and effective people engagement

  • How Steelcase creates flow in development by applying lean value stream-mapping to projects and by using improvement kaizens on supporting processes

  • How GE Healthcare adopted Toyota principles to optimize their product development methodologies, streamline businesses and achieve new levels of growth and customer centricity

  • Proven strategies and methods to create, capture, share, and reuse robust technical knowledge across design projects

  • How to simultaneously achieve significant improvements in speed, quality, and development cost by implementing practical lean methods like batch size reduction, queue management, and cadence

  • The potential impact and value of quick iterative learning cycles in development to manage time and costs, and separate execution from the learning phase of projects

  • How small batch development and test cycles can significantly reduce queues and improve feedback

  • About Ford Motor Company’s framework of guiding principles to create a high performance product development system within the automotive industry

  • How to drive lasting cultural changes through the deployment of fast-learning theory and "pull"

  • Which lean methods make a difference and how they work

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