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Special Features

  • Special Half-Day Pre-Conference Workshop: Product Development for the Lean Enterprise. Limited to just 40 participants this session will review the principles and cornerstones of the Toyota Product Development System and provide you with an action plan for integrating Toyota lean thinking into your company culture and company paradigms.

  • Dynamic Keynote Sessions provide the latest expert and practitioner thinking on what it takes to successfully lead an effective lean transformation in product development.

  • Interactive Panel Session – focused on overcoming barriers to lean implementation, this panel session offers candid insights and case examples of lean product development successes as well as lessons learned - an excellent opportunity to get your individual questions answered.

  • Facilitated Implementation Application Session, Wednesday, October 15th from 2:45PM – 3:30PM – go home with a summary of key conference learnings and an action plan for moving forward by joining Don Reinertsen in an interactive discussion to map your path for lean product development implementation success.

  • Join the Lean PD Debate! Before, during and after the conference, you can network with your peers currently implementing lean principles in product development by joining the Lean PD Group at Management Roundtable’s Virtual Roundtable. To sign up and learn more about it, please click here.  You might wish to start by reading the following entries:

  • Networking Reception and Informal Facilitated Lean Topic Discussions – While enjoying our wine and cheese reception join our conference faculty, lean experts and your peers for some informal table discussions on topics including: Knowledge Based Product Development, Creating Flow, Value-Stream Mapping for Product Development, Set-based Engineering, Pull Systems and Fast Learning Theory, Queuing Theory and more.

  • Conference Reference Materials – complete binder with case examples, handouts, and data to serve as permanent reference. Special follow-up package sent electronically to all participants with conference summary, downloadable files, and extra notes.

  • Team Discounts – sign up with 2 of your colleagues (teams of 3 or more) and save $100 each. The bigger the team, the more the savings – and more support for implementation efforts! Groups of 5 – 10 may deduct 15%, groups of 11+ may deduct 20%. Teams may include customers and/or partners, as long as all members register at the same time.


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