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Read what participants have said about previous Management Roundtable conferences on Lean Product Development:

"Everyone involved in NPD should attend this [conference], the cost of not attending is just too high.  I brought back a key takeaway from each paper presented.  I am planning on implementing several ideas the moment I return."

Rich Buck
Director of Engineering
Crane Electronics

"MRT's Lean Product Development [conference] equips its attendees with a unique knowledge set that is based on both theory and real-world applications. I left armed with knowledge obtained by the successes and failures of 7 different company's experiences with lean implementations.  This was time well spent!"

Scott Pennestri
Engineering Services Manager
Isothermal Systems Research

"It is by far one of the best assembled summits in the field of lean product development with some of hte best professionals in the field attending.  Good work from the Management Roundtable."

Raul Carmona
Director of Engineering

"[This conference] provided an excellent overview of lean product development activities across a great breadth of companies and markets. Additionally, the conference allowed for significant value added breakout sessions to share and discuss lessons learned and best practices."

Jason Dundas
Mechanical Engineering Manager
Isothermal Systems Research

"There were terrific presentations of real-world examples of how companies have implemented lean objectives, what worked well and areas of improvement. The working sessions were thought-provoking and a great opportunity to brainstorm and compare with colleagues from various industries.  Donald Reinertsen's own thoughts and discussions topped off a great use of my time."

Todd Owens
Manager Product Assurance Engineering

"Attending the lean summit as a presenter allowed a valuable exposure to potential networking opportunities. The seminar was extremely well run, and the hosts very gracious. The knowledge sharing which resulted from the breakout sessions generated ideas for improvement which could be taken back to my office and easily applied to my organization."

Jeff Coult
Engineering Manager

"A great [conference] that showed that these techniques really can be applied and generate measurable results in the real world."

Colin Macqeen
Director, Technology
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

"Excellent opportunity to network with peers and collectively learn about lean implementations which have been successful."

Santanu Roymoulik

"Invaluable opportunity to tap expertise and offer lessons learned among an experienced community of lean practitioners."

Jeff Meunier
Program Manager
Shure, Inc.

"The ability to interact with leaders in the field gave me a wealth of new ideas, as well as challenged my current understanding of lean."

Guy Beaver
Director of Software Engineering
Critical Point Group

"The [conference] was of great value both in providing new insights and validating current LPD approaches."

Brian Barker
Vice President of Engineering

"Besides a good educational experience, attendees will always be able to have some takeaways they can immediately apply to good effect."

Bernard North
Vice President, Global RD&E
Kennametal, Inc.

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