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Product Definition
Implementing VOC for
Competitive Advantage

February 28-March 1, 2005 / Orlando, FL

Sheila Mello An intensive, two-day workshop with
Sheila Mello

Managing Partner, Product Development Consulting, Inc. and author, Customer-Centric Product Definition: The Key to Great Product Development

Attendees of this workshop will receive a FREE COPY of Sheila's acclaimed book, Customer Centric Product Definition: The Key to Great Product Development

Getting the Customer's Pain: Using Customer-Centered Definition to Drive Product Development" - an interview with Sheila article

Why Market- Driven Product Definition?

Why do nearly ninety percent of all new products fail? Although most companies know the value of listening to customers, few have developed a robust, repeatable system for turning customer input into top-and bottom-line results.

Market-Driven Product Definition is a proven model that provides explicit direction regarding the structure of best-in-class product definition. It squarely puts customer value at the heart of product development and provides a firm methodology for quantifying and implementing “customer-centric” market research. The model combines first-rate academic research with proven results from major corporations, and can help companies create measurable, repeatable development processes to substantially reduce wasted time, effort, and product development budgets.

Through experiential exercises, multitudes of examples, discussions, presenter insights, and provocative Q&A, you will learn how to:

  • Get your management to support you voice of the customer program

  • Integrate a robust market driven product definition program into your design for six sigma, lean product development, and/or stages and gates processes

  • Define measurable customer requirements that will drive your product development program

  • How voice of the customer fits into your portfolio management and innovation management process

Who Should Attend
This session is recommended for VPs, Directors, and Managers of Product Development, Marketing, Engineering, as well as Sr. Managers of Customer Strategy Implementation, Six Sigma Black Belts, Product Managers, Program Managers and Project Managers involved in product definition.

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“The seminar offers practical tools for capturing and translating requirements and driving analysis to improve good product definition. Good quantitative tools which the entire organization can rally around and gain clarity of requirements and design objectives.”  

Garth Gehlbach
Product Manager
Santa Clara, CA