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Sixth Annual Metrics Conference

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Exclusive Conference Bonuses

Each conference participant will receive complimentary copies of the following publications:

Product Development Metrics Handbook
(A $99.00 Value)

Free advance copies of this booklet will only be made available to conference registrants

Product Development Metrics Handbook:
What every manager needs to know about measuring product development effectiveness

This special booklet contains exclusive case studies, survey results and expert commentaries compiled from the award winning newsletter, Product Development Best Practices Report.

Using case examples, survey data, and commentary by leading experts such as Don Reinertsen, Brad Goldense, Chris Meyer and others, this unique publication will answer the following questions:

  • What types of things are important to measure and why?

  • How should one use metrics to gain speed? To increase profitability?

  • What are the hidden dangers and potential pitfalls of any metrics program?

  • What metrics are used by industry leaders?

A perfect tool for sharing with colleagues and team members to drive a common understanding and approach to your metrics planning and implementation.

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Free 1-year subscription!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology:
Sloan Management Review

The most trusted source of useful and innovative ideas for business leaders

MIT Sloan Management Review is a business journal that bridges the gap between management research and practice, evaluating and reporting on new research to help readers identify and understand significant trends in

SMR is published by the MIT Sloan School of Management, which consistently ranks as one of the world's top business schools. The Sloan School is internationally recognized as a leading center for management innovation and a
training ground for many of the world’s top CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and entrepreneurs.

Since its founding in 1959, MIT Sloan Management Review has been a venue for business-management innovators
from MIT and elsewhere -- authors such as Peter Senge, Lester Thurow, James Brian Quinn, Gary Hamel, Thomas Davenport, Christopher Bartlett, Sumantra Ghoshal, John Quelch, Henry Mintzberg, Max Bazerman, and Ed Lawler.

A peer-reviewed quarterly, the journal covers all management disciplines, although its particular emphasis is on corporate strategy, leadership, and management of technology and innovation. SMR accepts approximately 10
percent of submitted articles.

SMR editors work closely with authors to ensure that articles provide interpretation and analysis for practicing managers: thought-provoking strategies that offer real-world management solutions. [more info]

Supporting Organizations:
Sopheon   Sloan Management Review


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