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Sixth Annual Metrics Conference

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Keynote Presentations
Using Metrics to Compete for Scarce Resources
Don Reinertsen Don Reinertsen
Reinertsen Associates

Many companies think of metrics primarily as a control tool, a tool for ensuring that projects conform to requirements, budgets and schedules. However, certain metrics play another role in a world where resources are constrained. By communicating project economics to management they can aid management in allocating its scarce financial resources. When developers fail to use metrics in this way they are at a great disadvantage when competing for scarce resources. Don Reinertsen will discuss the role of these important metrics and give examples of the decisions they support.

Maximizing the Value of Your New Product Portfolio: Metrics, Methods and Scorecards
Dr. Robert Cooper Dr. Robert G. Cooper
Product Development Institute

Two ingredients must be in place to maximize the value of your development portfolio. The first is data integrity. The second key is applying the right tools, metrics, scorecards and metrics to gauge the value of your projects and portfolio. In his talk, Dr. Cooper outlines various methods to maximize the value of your development portfolio, and provides proven metrics for gauging the value of each development project. An effective scorecard for use in portfolio review or gate decisions sessions is highlighted. And techniques for rating and ranking projects to yield project priorities – a prioritized or rank-ordered list of active projects – are described.

But all the sophisticated methods, metrics and scorecards are worthless unless there is data integrity. In his talk, Cooper also identifies the areas where new product forecasts and estimates are the weakest, and shows how to improve the quality of the data – how to build in certain best practice activities into your Stage-GateTM process to heighten the reliability of your portfolio information.

Dr. Cooper is one of the expert facilitators leading MRT's NPD Executive Roadmap Series

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