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Sixth Annual Metrics Conference

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Monday, October 15

3 pre-conference workshops are offered as a modular part of the program. They are designed specifically to give you hands-on experience and individual attention – you will come away from these workshops with know-how and immediate action steps. Please note that these workshops are offered at an additional fee; two are half-day sessions, and one is full day. Pre-registration is advised to ensure your place.

Morning Workshop
8:00 am –12:00 noon

A. Proactive and Predictive R&D Metrics

Bradford L. Goldense Bradford L. Goldense
Goldense Group, Inc.

Leading R&D metrics expert, Brad Goldense, of Goldense Group Inc. will conduct this exclusive workshop. He will focus on metrics that are used at the planning and definition stages of R&D—the beginning of the product development process—prior to the existence of a physical prototype. The scope of discussion will include measures of overall R&D performance in addition to measures for projects. Pro-active and predictive metrics will be defined and their differences will be explained. Examples in each category will be given. Selected benchmarking data will be shared regarding usage of proactive and predictive metrics in industry.

Afternoon Workshop
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

B. How to Create Business Scorecards That Work

William H. Fonvielle
Performance Measurement Associates

In management circles, the decade of the 90’s could be called the measurement era. More precisely, it was the age of the Balanced Business Scorecard. But as with other management innovations over the last fifty years, many tried it, but few succeeded at it. In recent years, the number of major companies with scorecards has been hovering around the 50% to 60% mark as many companies have been put off by the horror stories. Yet the fundamental reasoning underlying the scorecard movement remains sound. What went wrong, and what can you do to build scorecards that actually work?

This interactive workshop will teach you:

  • The ten warning signs of a bad scorecard
  • A logical process for creating a business scorecard with predictive metrics
  • How to create support inside your organization for scorecard development

Topics covered will include:

  • A brief history and theory of performance measurement and scorecards
  • Scorecard purposes
  • The traditional balanced scorecard and its limitations
  • Dynamic approaches to scorecard development
  • The magic of reverse engineering as applied to scorecard and strategy development
  • Driving measurement from strategic to operational levels
  • Validating the scorecard with predictability measures
  • Implementation issues


Full-Day Workshop
8:00 pm – 5:00 pm

C. Product Creation—Getting Process AND Metrics Right!

Philip Francis
Managing Partner
Mascon Global, Inc.

The only way an enterprise serves its investors and stakeholders is by offering choice new products and ever-better services. New Product Development (NPD) is the business of the business. NPD must flow from a disciplined process that links together each and every function within the organization: marketing & customers, R&D, engineering, production, IT systems, intellectual property, quality, operations and, of course, leadership. This session is designed for working executives and managers who need the tools to advance NPD to the highest level of excellence.

This session will focus on the critical elements of process and metrics. On the process side, Phil will outline the components of the NPD process: what they are and how they fit together:

  • Product Case Justification
  • Concept Feasibility
  • Product Development
  • Pilot and Production Start-up

This discussion then leads into the topic of process measurement. Benchmarks and metrics are key to understanding and improving the process. Several specific measures are defined and described that will enable process managers to improve their system, in the manner of kaizen.

Supporting Organizations:
Sopheon   Sloan Management Review


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