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NOTE: This session held concurrently with Expert Clinics

new.gif (1144 bytes) To participate in this survey and receive a free copy of the analysis report, please download the survey form: (GGI-survey2002.pdf - 43kb) - deadline for submission is Aug. 30, 2002

RD&E Resource and Capacity
Management Practice Survey Results
Tuesday, October 29

Bradford L. GoldenseBradford L. Goldense, President, Goldense Group, Inc. (GGI)

Hear exclusive survey results on research, development and engineering product development metrics. The survey will address the following major areas related to resource and capacity management:

  • Loading the RD&E capacity pipeline
  • Providing capacity for RD&E activities
  • Balancing cross-functional resources
  • Using systems, tools and metrics to manage capacity
  • RD&E metrics used in industry

Publication Sponsor:Sloan Management Review


Affiliate Organization:PMI Registered Education Provider

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