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Pre-Conference Workshops
Monday, October 28

"Cutting-edge tools backed by benchmarking in top-quality organizations which is sure to help me deliver industry changing products."
Richard Sayers, Director, Development Engineering, GoJo Industries

Full Day Session
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Developing Metrics Portfolios: Defining and Selecting Key Measures for Product Development Performance

Bradford L. Goldense Bradford L. Goldense, Goldense Group, Inc.


This highly interactive workshop will take you through a step-by-step process of developing a critical set of R&D/Product Development metrics for your organization.

You will identify key measures to assess: Overall/Corporate R&D Performance, Project Performance, Functional Performance and Improvement Initiative Performance. To get you started, Mr. Goldense will provide current survey data to describe the measures most frequently used by industry as well as the sizes/ranges of sets of metrics used to monitor and guide performance.

Workshop Deliverables:

  • You will learn how to select metrics that can measure both a specific performance and can be synthesized to measure overall performance
  • You will be able to identify 3 – 10 value added metrics for each of the 4 key performance areas outline above; from these metrics, you will determine which 6 – 10 metrics will comprise your "top level" set of metrics for R&D and/or Product Development
  • Strategies for implementing metrics systems: advantages/disadvantages

AM Half-Day Session
8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Metrics for Managing Dispersed Teams / Partners / Suppliers

Jerry McColgin
Eduardo Sao Clemente
Jerry McColgin
McColgin Consulting
& Eduardo Sao Clemente,
McColgin Consulting

Project leaders live in a tough environment. Not only must they deliver on the traditional expectations of "on time", "on budget" and "meet performance standards", they must do so in light of additional complexities such as outsourced partners and dispersed project teams. While the former items have a myriad of metrics to gauge progress and status, the latter items have traditionally been managed less formally. Anyone who has led a project team knows that it’s often the "softer-side" issues that de-rail a project. Items such as miscommunication (or non-communication), conflicting goals, and inter-personal issues can easily slow a team down, or worse, lead to ultimate failure. A leader needs tools to help keep a team on track, not a rigid set of measurements that will bog the team down in tracking and paperwork.

This workshop will provide you with tools to manage these less tangible issues. Predictive metrics will enable a project leader to identify problems and provide remedies before it is too late.

In this interactive workshop, you will learn the following:

  • What should be measured? At what frequency?

  • Metrics to avoid

  • How to set parameters to know when to intercede in a proactive fashion

  • Daily techniques to keep a dispersed team on track

  • Metrics as motivational tools

This interactive workshop will include case studies, personal experiences and in class discussions.

PM Half-Day Session
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Creating and Executing a Strategic Scorecard

This workshop will use a 9-Step process to create and execute a Balanced Scorecard that links an organization’s strategy to the actions required for its successful implementation. This process differs from others in three important ways:

  • It uses targeted stakeholder requirements as the link between strategy and internal process improvements, which provide the basis for Scorecard metrics,
  • It quantifies the linkage between strategy and improvement to yield a rank ordering of candidate metrics that can be used to limit the number of scorecard metrics, and
  • It operates closed-loop to assure continuous refinement and learning.

The workshop will provide rigorous framework that can be adapted to each organization’s current scorecard maturity and capacity, while assuring that a roadmap exists that will get them to their overall objective in the shortest possible time.

Publication Sponsor:Sloan Management Review


Affiliate Organization:PMI Registered Education Provider

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