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Management Roundtable’s Fall 2006 Series on
Fast Innovation [more info]

A two-day conference on how to more accurately assess new product opportunities, predict the value of your innovation pipeline, and ensure that your company’s metrics foster (vs. hinder) innovation -- both internally and with external partners.

By participating, you will learn:

  • How to determine the right number of new product concepts to feed your innovation pipeline

  • How to assess your company's underlying innovation capability and track success over time

  • About future-focused metrics – how to identify and implement proactive and predictive metrics

  • How to measure the value-add of your R&D function - strategies to determine the ROI of your R&D efforts

  • Methods and approaches to accurately assess the value of new product concepts

  • Best practices to effectively manage and measure engineering partnerships and outsourcing; how to successfully adapt your internal metrics for external relationships ( Results of a study of 37 leading companies)

Featuring Keynote Presentations by:
Scott Edgett Dr. Scott J. Edgett
CEO and Co-Founder
Product Development Institute,
...on metrics for driving future performance... More Info
Dr. Liisa Valikangas
Managing Director

Woodside Institute
...on  metrics for innovation...More Info
Bradford L. Goldense
Bradford L. Goldense
Founder & CEO
Goldense Group, Inc.
...on the impact of innovation on corporate strategy, tactics and metrics...More Info
Wayne Mackey
Wayne Mackey
Product Development Consulting, Inc.
...on metrics for design partnerships and outsourcing...More Info
Choose from 3 Pre-Conference Workshops:
    Metrics for Launching Innovation

    Instructors: Mike Docherty, Venture2
    More Info


    Proactive and Predictive R&D Metrics
    Instructor: Bradford L. Goldense, GGI

    More Info

    Metrics 101
    Instructor: Wayne Mackey, Product Development Consulting, Inc.

    More Info

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