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2 - D A Y  W O R K S H O P
Metrics that Matter to R&D
Rapidly Deploying a Comprehensive
and Simple R&D Metrics System

 Dates & Location:
 June 24-25, 2008 / Chicago, IL


Why this workshop is important to you

Almost every company attempts to measure its R&D efforts in some way, yet industry research shows that very few are convinced that they are measuring the right things. Furthermore, R&D professionals often find metrics burdensome, disconnected from their “real” work or an infringement on what they view as an inherently creative craft. So what’s wrong with all those R&D metrics that companies are dissatisfied with? First, there are too many of them. Second, they are disconnected from the strategies of the company. Finally, they lack teeth.

This highly practical and interactive two-day session will enable you to not only overcome typical R&D metric weaknesses, but also to establish new R&D metrics as a competitive weapon. This workshop will review detailed case studies of leading companies that have aligned their organizations from top to bottom with a straightforward set of metrics projecting both customer and business needs directly into R&D performance. Designed specifically for professionals serious about implementing practical R&D metrics, this session involves hands-on experience in aligning, setting and monitoring R&D metrics that really matter.

Who Should Attend

This seminar is specifically designed for executives, managers and key stakeholders leading R&D activities who need early and accurate information on the effectiveness and efficiency of their organization’s efforts.

It will be especially valuable to VPs, Directors and Managers of:

  • Product Development
  • R&D
  • Technology Development
  • Process Improvement
  • Advanced Concept Development
  • Innovation
  • New Business Development, and
  • Strategy

To jumpstart implementation and facilitate organizational alignment, it is suggested that at least two members of your organization attend together; ideally at both the senior and project management level.

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