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Fifth Annual Conference

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new.gif (1144 bytes) 10-12 The Westin Hotel is currently sold out. For alternative lodging recommendations, click here.

new.gif (1144 bytes) 10-12 Preliminary findings have been released for the GGI 2000 Metrics Survey.  Click here for more information.

09-22 Details are now posted for Friday's breakout sessions.

09-06 Deadline has past to participate in GGI's industry metrics survey - results will be presented during the conference. [Download Survey] GGIMetrics-Survey.pdf - 40kb

08-13 Download a copy of MIT Professor John Hauser's paper: "Metrics Thermostat" or read an article about it from PDBPR.

BPR "Metrics Spotlight":

How do we know we're measuring the right things?

Harley-Davidson Weds Metrics to High-Performance Work Organization

What is the current state of metrics information systems?

"The Management Roundtable planned and executed an excellent conference, covering the breadth of topics with excellent speakers and a lot of information and contacts."
James Snyder
Program Manager
Medtronic, Inc.

Portfolio Metrics - Linking Product Development to Corporate Profitability
Linking Product Development to Corporate Profitablity
November 1-3, 2000 | Chicago, IL

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(Metrics2000.pdf - 177 kb)

How to maximize your portfolio value -

The conference kicks-off with a keynote address by renowned product development expert, Robert G. Cooper. Cooper highlights solutions and best practices for effective portfolio management, based on recent benchmarking research. He also recommends practical methods to bring your project portfolio into alignment with corporate strategy.

How to measure the value of technology -

The Industrial Research Institute’s Tech Value Program demonstrates one methodology for recognizing the contribution of R&D to company financial success. With a stock price that has tripled within the last year, Analog Devices shares its new R&D metrics to determine required R&D performance as well as their process for measuring the results of improvement strategies displaced in time. In addition, learn about the potential impact that shareholder value metrics play on investment in R&D.

How to achieve organizational alignment -

Identifying meaningful, credible and clear metrics can provide a boost to any metrics initiative. Gaining buy-in on all organizational levels and connecting all metrics to business strategy can seem like an unattainable quest. Hear how United Defense LP systematically addressed this formidable task.

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  IDe SDF Speed to Market Performance Measurement Group
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