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Metrics for Controlling Product Development Risk

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...a word from the conference producer

Dear Colleague:

In the risk-laden world of research and product development, the better you are at anticipating problems and spotting opportunities – the more power and choice you have over timing, cost and customer satisfaction. That is why the focus of Management Roundtable’s Fourth Annual Metrics Conference is on using metrics to identify, track and prioritize your organizations’ risks – at both the project and strategic level.

By participating, you will receive:

  1. Risk-mitigating metrics for schedule, budget and product performance

  2. Results of four exclusive new industry metrics studies with specific benchmarking data and recommended metrics

  3. Techniques and tools for mapping risk, calculating the arithmetic-of-risk, sharing and documenting key risk metrics, and developing customized risk monitoring action plans

This in-depth conference features the newest insights from noted experts and metrics pioneers such as Preston Smith (co-author of Developing Products in Half the Time), Dr. Paul Adler of University of Southern California, and Bradford Goldense, Goldense Group Inc. Advanced practitioners (invited from companies such as Tellabs, Lucent, SENCO Products, Texas Instruments, Chrysler, and more) will describe: 1)the predictive metrics they are using; 2)the Web-based tracking systems they’ve implemented; and 3)the cultural challenges they’ve encountered. Strategic alignment, decision rules, and actual outcomes will also be discussed.

Two pre-conference workshops are offered:

A) Proactive and Predictive R&D Metrics

B) Gaining Buy-in and Alignment on Metrics.

You will also have the opportunity during the conference to participate in problem-solving sessions on organizational issues, information technology, and other implementation-oriented concerns.

To reserve your place at the program, use our on-line registration system, call 800-338-2223 or contact me via e-mail at .

Send e-mail to Jackie Cooper 
Jacquelin Cooper
Conference Program Manager

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