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Metrics for Controlling Product Development Risk

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Featured Presentations
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-  Tuesday, October 19 -

arrowbullet-green.GIF (97 bytes) Moving Your Organization Toward ‘True North,’
Tom Keelin, Senior Managing Director, Navigant Consulting/Strategic Decisions Group

arrowbullet-green.GIF (97 bytes) Assessing Feasibility of R&D Projects in Portfolio Management, Jay Andersen, Senior Research Scientist at Eli Lilly

arrowbullet-green.GIF (97 bytes) Aligning Strategic and Enabling Metrics
Scott Allspaw, Operating Manager, SENCO Products, Inc.

arrowbullet-green.GIF (97 bytes) No Surprises: Pro-Active Risk Management and Mapping, Preston Smith, co-author, Developing Products in Half the Time: New Tools, New Rules

arrowbullet-green.GIF (97 bytes) Reducing Uncertainty in Schedule, Budget and Product Performance, Guy Merritt, Senior Program Manager, Tellabs

arrowbullet-green.GIF (97 bytes) Actionable Metrics – Closing the Loop,
Erik Boe, Program Manager at Apple Computer

arrowbullet-green.GIF (97 bytes) Panel: Highlights from 4 Industry Metrics Studies:

  • Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), Beacon Consulting

  • Performance Measurement Group

  • Goldense Group, Inc.

  • Product Development Consulting, Inc

- Wednesday, October 20 -

arrowbullet-green.GIF (97 bytes) Metrics – Tools or Weapons?
Paul S. Adler, Professor, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

arrowbullet-green.GIF (97 bytes) Improving Product Strategy & Execution
Kent Harmon, Director R&D Effectiveness at Texas Instruments’ Semiconductor Group

arrowbullet-green.GIF (97 bytes) HW Realization Project Effectiveness & Bottom Line Results, Dr. Steve Nygren, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Lucent Bell Labs Advanced Technologies & Wayne Mackey, Principal, Product Development Consulting Inc.

arrowbullet-green.GIF (97 bytes) Putting it All Together - Conference Wrap-Up
Bradford L. Goldense, principal, Goldense Group, Inc.

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