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Metrics for Controlling Product Development Risk

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Can't attend?

Consider bringing our onsite workshop, "Measuring Product Development Effectiveness" to your company.  This
highly practical seminar is convenient
and cost-effective for a group of 8 or more participants.  Click the workshop title above for details.

Pre-Conference Workshops

-  Monday, October 18 -

Workshop A (half-day)
Proactive & Predictive R&D Metrics

Bradford L. Goldense, principal, Goldense Group, Inc.

Leading product development metrics expert, Brad Goldense, of Goldense Group Inc. will conduct this exclusive workshop. He will focus on metrics that are used at the planning stages—the beginning of the product development process—prior to the existence of a physical prototype. The scope of discussion will include measures of overall R&D performance in addition to measures for projects. Pro-active and predictive metrics will be defined and their differences will be explained. Examples in each category will be given. Selected benchmarking data will be shared regarding usage of predictive metrics in industry.

Workshop B (half-day)
Gaining Buy-in and Alignment on Metrics – Linking Projects to Strategy

Wayne Mackey, principal,
Product Development Consulting, Inc.

With over 20 years of hands-on management experience in large engineering, manufacturing and procurement organizations, Wayne Mackey (now a principal with Product Development Consulting, Inc.) is quite familiar with resistance and other barriers to acceptance. A common reason, he finds, is metrics that are disconnected from each other and from strategic business goals. This workshop will provide you with a step-by-step guide to setting metrics around a key product strategy. Participants will engage in an actual building of a "metrics tree" from an executive level focused on strategy and business performance through a project level focused on resources, cost and cycle time. At each level, participants will follow a simple set of guidelines to uncover the critical few metrics and weed out those with less impact. The output of the workshop will be a document showing the whole picture of a product strategy’s aligned metrics.

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