The Management Roundtable

April 7-9, 2008 / Scottsdale, AZ

DAY TWO - Tuesday, April 8 - 6:30pm-8:30pm
Dinner Sessions –
Emerging NPD Innovation Trends

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Network with your peers and learn about cutting-edge trends in new product development by attending one of three compelling dinner session options on Knowledge Transfer, Green Innovation or Predictive Analytics.


Instituting an Effective Knowledge Management Practice to Support Your Innovation Process

Veena Mahesh
Knowledge Strategist
INTEL Corporation

While the term knowledge management has evolved and changed over the years, the focus of knowledge initiatives continues to center around the ability to leverage the knowledge of the employees in the organization to enable core business processes. Successful knowledge management practices deliver value to customers via innovative knowledge solutions, and easy access to the expertise needed to innovate and solve problems more efficiently and effectively.

This presentation will address critical success factors that help tie knowledge initiatives in with business results and also identify how to remove obstacles to getting a knowledge management practice off the ground. Dr. Mahesh will share tips on instituting effective working strategies that ensure easy proliferation of knowledge products. Other topics of discussion will include:

  • Establishment of strategic programs that enable the application of innovative knowledge and information management tools

  • Knowledge transfer and re-use of product and development processes to help alleviate a variety of business problems without repeated re-invention

  • Articulation of a value statement that is tied to core business results

Following the presentation, an interactive session will engage the attendees in dialogue about the challenges of formalizing a successful KM practice. The presenter will also address common pitfalls with implementing knowledge management practices and offer suggestions on how to overcome obstacles while building an action plan for success.


Using Predictive Analytics in your Innovation Process

Anthony Lemus
Senior Partner
Value Creation Institute
Former Senior Vice President of Six Sigma Business Development at Citigroup

With regard to innovation, many businesses are falling short of expectations and increasingly playing the blame game to explain why. For example, Six Sigma has been unfairly criticized as being too rigid to innovate within its framework, and the phase gate process has been labeled a “road block” to an innovation pipeline.

Certain processes can stifle innovation when used inappropriately, but there are more fundamental problems that need to be addressed before the innovation process gets fully on track.

Ask yourself the following questions about your business:

  • Have we actually measured how well-informed we are about the market?

  • Do we understand the difference between assumptions and knowledge?

  • Do we manage our innovation using fixed numbers or do we simulate outcomes with tolerances?

Predicting the market performance of an innovative idea requires an organization to understand the difference between data and knowledge. Most importantly, an innovation manager must plan how to meet customer needs based on consumer behaviors. This becomes possible through the use of predictive analytics and the yield of successful innovative products in a balanced portfolio becomes much more predictable no matter which development processes are engaged to achieve execution.

Mr. Lemus will discuss how predictive analytics was applied during his work experiences at Citigroup and as the former Corporate Executive Director of Design for Six Sigma at Johnson & Johnson. He will also show how it was incorporated in the following business areas: marketing, risk management, product design, and most importantly innovation portfolio management.

In this session you will learn the following applications with predictive analytics:

  • How to convert customer VOC data into business knowledge

  • How to incorporate predictive analytics into innovation portfolio management

  • Where to apply predictive analytics in risk management

  • Why data is not knowledge

After the presentation, Tony will engage the audience with an open discussion on integrating predictive analytics into your business practice and use an example roadmap to stimulate the roundtable.

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