The Management Roundtable

April 7-9, 2008 / Scottsdale, AZ

26 Key Benefits

By participating, you will learn about:
  1. Texas Instruments’ successful approach to jumpstart a dedicated roadmapping effort, enable it to reach a critical mass of cross-functional support, and use it as a strategic decision-making tool.

  2. What challenges and obstacles to expect when implementing product and technology roadmaps and how to overcome them.

  3. How roadmapping ties in with the rest of your planning processes (e.g. portfolio management, scenario planning, QFD, etc)

  4. How Honeywell International balances roadmap content to achieve both short-term and long term alignment objectives.

  5. Kimberly Clark’s use of roadmapping to connect business strategies, brand and product plans, and technology strategies to deliver business growth.

  6. Corning’s efforts to break down roadmapping adoption barriers and develop a process for transitioning its roadmapping activities from being just another corporate initiative to becoming “the way the company does business”.

  7. How to make roadmapping a critical component of your strategic planning process and ensure a common vision across multiple functional groups.

  8. Medrad’s use of strategic roadmapping to determine when to rely on collaboration versus internal development

  9. Key steps for innovating across your supply chain – how to enable competitive advantage via key tools and techniques.

  10. How to link portfolio management to your innovation strategy and attain focused resource and pipeline management.

  11. Ingersoll Rand’s success at driving innovation by deploying processes and tools to understand unmet customer needs and link them to a portfolio of potential business opportunities.

  12. The key differences between strategic and tactical portfolio management and how to deploy portfolio management as a governance tool.

  13. Kennametal’s effective combination of consensus portfolio prioritization with project management basics and the major benefits gained.

  14. Boeing’s approach to real change and continuous improvement: the implementation of System Dynamics Modeling as an integration tool and Value Network Analysis to break down functional group boundaries.

  15. How leading organizations are integrating their innovation strategy, portfolio management and new product development processes into one seamless process.

  16. The potential value of formalized knowledge transfer and re-use of product and development processes to help alleviate multiple business problems without repeated re-invention.

  17. How to incorporate predictive analytics into marketing, risk management, product design and innovation portfolio management.

  18. Proven tools, metrics, and management techniques for successfully implementing “Open Innovation” relationships such as the Alliance Framework® and the Alliance Implementation Programs

  19. The critical importance of aligning the goals and strategies of your own organization before considering external innovation partnerships – how to help your partners align their goals and strategies

  20. Air Products’ approach to open innovation including the transfer of technology both into and out of the organization, the transfer of the best technology within the organization globally and the use of external resources to fund internal development.

  21. Hawker Beechcraft’s transformation from a “do it yourself” organization to an OEM partner of choice in the aviation industry.

  22. Organization structures that help and hinder Open Innovation

  23. Strategies for resolving cultural differences in alliances and co-development relationships

  24. How to design the right model and choose the right partners to build a sustainable innovation capability

  25. Key elements in building the capability to mobilize others to lead strategic change – creating the ability to sense, respond and lead disruptive change

  26. How to apply the disciplines of strategic execution to address the barriers to change in your organization and build a more effective innovation engine.

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