The Management Roundtable

April 7-9, 2008 / Scottsdale, AZ

DAY TWO - Tuesday, April 8 - 1:15pm-2:30pm
Process Improvement Roundtables

Practitioner-led, candid dialogues on key practices, tools and processes for long-term impact. You’re at the conference half-way point – a perfect time to start to examine some of the concepts and issues more closely in small discussion groups. Roundtable topics to include:


Key Steps to Ensure Effective Process Implementation

E. Jefferson Hynds
Program Manager, Enterprise Focus Area
Ingersoll Rand

Deploying roadmapping, portfolio management and open innovation processes often requires a significant change in the culture of an organization. The transition can be facilitated by getting people engaged in process development and setting goals that drive continuous improvement.

This breakout will discuss specific steps that companies can take to ensure effective implementation.


How to Manage a Diverse Portfolio of Projects

Ben Almojuela
Associate Technical Fellow
Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Unless you are a very small organization, product development activity is seemingly chaotic, ranging over a multitude of diverse topics, time scales, and payoffs. How do you rationally manage a diverse portfolio of PD or R&D projects? How do you measure the value of your portfolio?


Bridging the Strategy/Planning Gaps between "Customer Needs”, “Competitive Threats” and "Technology Solutions” with Product and Technology Roadmaps.

Richard Traxler
Senior Manager, Technology Planning
Boston Scientific

The discussion in this session will focus on how to use Product and Technology Roadmaps to set a common direction for the various functions of the organization.


The Status of Gated Development Processes

Bruce Kirk
Director, Innovation Effectiveness

Over the past couple of years, gated development processes have come under harsh criticism for potentially hampering innovation and slowing product development efforts. Is your organization finding it necessary to make changes to its gated process? What’s really working and what’s not?


Aligning Business Goals and Technical Strategy

Alison Lukascko

Lighthouse Innovations
and former VP, R&D
Church & Dwight

How do you improve return on R&D investment? How do you align internal research and open innovation agendas?


Key Strategies for Implementing Lean Product Development

Bernard North
VP Global Research, Development & Engineering


Lean techniques from the factory are moving upstream into product development. While product development is very different from manufacturing, some lean concepts do work quite well in product development, but other lean concepts can be quite dangerous. The discussion in this session will focus on how to choose and implement that the lean concepts that work well and how to avoid the lean concepts that don't make sense.


Aligning Metrics For Innovation And Product Development

Jan Wells

Director, Corporate Project Management Office

The ability to fill your product development pipeline with innovative new ideas while simultaneously reducing time to market often seem to be in conflict. This discussion will focus on selecting and linking metrics to manage the fuzzy front end as well as streamline the development process.

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